“It is hard to list 5R6 under some particular genre. In their own words: “some say that we are playing a mixture of stoner and progressive rock, others that it is prog mixed with grunge with a pinch of alternative rock and metal seasoning for a better taste. As for us, we couldn’t care less. We’re just trying to bring all that we love about music in what we do.” And along with heavy riffs in 7/4 and 15/8 you will find catchy melodies and tender arrangements.

Their first EP “Knots & Spirals” was released in October 2010. Musically it was highly influenced by the Seattle scene of 90’s and progressive bands such as Tool, Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Mastodon etc.

In august 2012 the band released their second EP “+6.5 And Brighter”, which is more proggy and even somewhat psychedelic, it has incorporated more classic rock, 90’s post-hardcore and stoner rock influences, rather than metal. The band’s intention was to create a unique sound and solid compositions remaining within heavy rock to give food for a listener imagination making his/her limbs and head moving to the rhythm while his/her mind taking a transcendental trip to the inner and outer space.

In September 2012 5R6 went to their first European tour with Stoned Jesus, a stoner-psychedelic rock band from Kiev. Currently, 5R6 is preparing to record first full-length album.”