Arabs in Aspic


Arabs in Aspic emerged in 1997 from Norway led by guitarist and vocalist Jostein Smeby and rythm guitarist & Theremin player, Tommy Ingebrigtsen. Since they met through their common love for 1970s heavy rock music, especially Black Sabbath, they’ve been playing together with different personnel, each playing different kinds of heavy music until Arabs in Aspic surged. The first permanent bandmembers were Eskil Nyhus and his brother, bass player Terje Nyhus.

They said goodbye to playing covers and had their first release, the EP “Progeria” on their own label ”Borse Music” in 2003. This album was only released on cd, in 500 copies at the first pressing, and 500 more for the second edition. The year after, the band was ready with Hammond organ player Magnar Krutvik, and released 1000 copies of “Far out in Aradabia” on cd, on their own label. The band was later joined by Stig Arve Jorgenson on backing vocals and Hammond organ, as Magnar changed to playing acoustic guitar and synth.

In 2006 Jostein, Eskil and Stig hooked up with bass player Erik Paulsen and formed what was briefly known as Arabs in Aspic II. The new spirit and musicianship led to some serious song writing, and numerous demos were recorded during the following years. In 2009 the band entered TNT guitarist Ronni LeTekro’s studio Nyhagen, Toten and recorded the critic awarded “Strange Frame of Mind”. The album was mixed by Kjartan Hesthagen, Arabs in Aspic and Ronni LeTekrø and finally mastered by Tommy Hansen at Jailhouse Studios, Denmark. Before the vinyl release of “Strange Frame of Mind” in 2010 (Pancromatic records) they decided to cut the “II” in the band name and go back to just Arabs in Aspic.

In 2011 Arabs in Aspic signed with Black Widow Records and re-released “Strange Frame of Mind” on cd and digital medias.

In 2012 “Progeria” and “Far out in Aradabia” were re-issued on double vinyl through Pancromatic. Later the same year, the band recorded “Pictures in a Dream” in their own studio. This session featured legendary vocalist Rune Sundby of the 70’s progressive band “Ruphus” on two songs. The album was mixed by Jostein Smeby / Arabs in Aspic and mastered by Björn Egelmann at Cutting Room, Sweden.

In 2013 this very item you are holding was released. Enjoy!