Axial Lead


We’re a bunch of guys who come from all walks of life and from opposite corners of the world.

Some of us met a long-long time ago, others joined more recently; some of us were born in Bucharest, others came here to study and seek a different life, across the oceans. In all these years we’ve always been friends, but with the dawn of December 22nd 2011, we found a name to unite us and a purpose to lead us.

The “Axial Lead” became our direction.

Because we love stories so much, a few months before that fateful day, we decided to mix all our experiences into one big culture-melting-pot of human thought and feeling. The result was a global picture of story-telling reflected in a musical style and sound that is in sync with who we are, combining musical genres ranging from jazz to djent, thrash, flamenco, power metal, latin-jazz and funk.

We keep an open mind towards new things and we love to experiment with our music. We don’t believe in recipes and we feel that each story has its own shape and sound.

We love to follow these stories and see how they unfold, being shaped not by one, but all of us at the same time. Such is the case of our first album, that we began recording in the summer of 2013. We started writing some songs that quickly became related by meaning and led us to a single narrative, building upon itself with words, drawings, ideas and schemes. The album will be out in the fall of 2013.

Follow the lead!