Brandon Dyke on Progstravaganza compilaiton

Brandon Dyke

Brandon Dyke is a progressive rock singer songwriter and guitarist from Greenville, SC. His vocals reflect the styles of Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, David Gilmour, Steven Wilson, with a hint of Geddy Lee.

Brandon’s guitar work is inspired by players such as Alex Lifeson, Eric Johnson, David Gilmour, Trey Anastasio, Steve Morse, John Petrucci, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Steve Hackett, Steve Howe, Django Reinhardt, and a range of classical guitarists from Andres Segovia to Agustin Barrios. Inspired by his favorite band, Rush, Brandon writes songs without boundaries or rules.

Brandon released an album with guitar duo Spatha, Music for Two Guitars, in 2004. In 2010, He composed a solo guitar piece as a tribute to Alex Lifeson called “Son of Life.” The video received over 12,000 views on YouTube. A separate Son of Life score release video included a free audio download of the song.

Dyke released his debut solo guitar album, Timeless Moments, in 2012. He describes his solo guitar compositions as progressive classical guitar: character pieces that reflect a story or conceptual meaning. A songwriter at heart, Brandon released his first progressive rock single “You’re the One I Can’t Live Without,” a song he wrote for his wife, in January 2012. The structure of the song was a statement in itself, featuring a 3:30 minute catchy progressive rock song with killer guitar riffs and creative guitar layering, followed by another three minutes of beautifully layered guitar solos.

Brandon records, mixes, and produces his own music and then teams up with mastering engineer genius Andy VanDette to complete the final product. (Andy has mastered a host of successful artists’ work through the years, including the bands Rush, Porcupine Tree, and Dream Theater.) In June of 2013, Brandon released the progressive rock ballad, “Hindsight.” In addition to performing vocals, guitars, and keyboards, Hans Wolff (violin) and Robert Nance (fretless bass) added their color to the song. The official music video for Hindsight was later released in February 2014.

In January of 2014, Brandon released an acoustic cover song of Mission by Rush. He created the blending effect of acoustic and electric guitars using a gypsy jazz guitar along with a 59 Seymour Duncan neck pick up. Brandon’s acoustic cover of Mission was shared on the Rush fan forum site Rush Is a Band’s Facebook page, resulting in over 500 plays in one day. Brandon’s current project is a progressive rock album called Headspace. The album includes the songs, “You’re the One I Can’t Live Without,” “Hindsight,” and “Mission.” Fans can follow the album’s progress on Sound Cloud. Other songs to be released on the album include “Sift,” “Enough,” “Headspace” and “Imaginary People.” Brandon performs with two other musical projects in the Greenville, SC and Asheville, NC music scenes; progressive rock trio C.B.S. and progressive world fusion group Trade Routes.