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David Maxim Micic on Progstravaganza progressive rock & metal compilation

David Maxim Micic

David Maxim Micic is a guitar/keyboard player, composer and producer from Belgrade, Serbia, and a composition student at Berklee College of Music. He has had the privilege to study guitar with many great teachers, including Danilo Karamarkovic, Petar Jelic, Bata Kostic, Nenad Gajin Coca, Joe Musella, Thaddeus Hogarth and David Fiuczynski.




Minerva is a German progressive- artrock band, founded in Potsdam in December 2008 by Enrico Semler (vocals), Jan Waterstradt (guitar), Ron Hermann (bass), Martin Mann (drums). After playing various shows they released their first EP “Stories Of A Journeyman” in April 2010. The EP has a hard rock sound with elements of stoner, psychedelic and jazz. After Enrico overtook Ron’s Job as bass player, Minerva continued as a three piece rock formation completed with saxophone player Benjamin Ihnow in 2012.

With their Debut “Germinal” the band found their sound in something like Postrock straight from Canterbury. As catchy as melodic Guitar and Sax Duetts with rumbling proglike grooves from the rythm section. All that mashed up with psychedlic sonorties and vigerous Vocals in extended Songs with unpredictable structures without loosing theire clarity.


Burning Circle Photo 001

Burning Circle

Burning Circle are a Progressive Metal band formed in Ruma, Serbia in 2006.

On May, 10th 2012, they have released their first album – Ruins of Mankind, which was published via Swiss label – Miner Records. The album was very well accepted by public and critics, home and abroad, and it has been nominated for 2012 Album of the Year at almost every contest in Serbia, including nomination at the National Radio Belgrade 202.

In September 2012, they have signed a full management contract with Full Metal Service, so, after years of playing on their homeground, at local and national festivals and contests, TV and radio stations, venues small and large, to different kinds of audience, BC turn international. Their first big accomplishment was in June this year, when they played at Underwall Festival, Zadar, Croatia, headliners on this festival were Xentrix and Destruction.

Burning Circle are now working on videos for the songs from the first album, but they have also started writing their second album, to be recorded next summer/fall. Also, in April 2014, they will appear at PPM festival in Belgium and some other European festival appearances are being arranged as well.

Band members:

Aleksandar Stojkovic – Vocals
Nenad Veljovic – Guitars/Backing Vocals
Marko Veljkovic – Guitars
Predrag Pavlovic – Keyboards/Backing Vocals
Radomir Nikolic – Bass
Nikola Jurisic – Drums



Fractal Mirror

The origin of Fractal Mirror can be traced back to the mid-eighties when three friends from Amsterdam started to make music together, influenced by bands from the famous 4AD label and artists like David Sylvian. At the same time a new wave of progressive rock was expanding its listening audience.  Bands like IQ, Pendragon, Twelfth Night, Marillion and Pallas but especially the virtually unknown Canadian band Terraced Garden were a major influence on the development of Fractal Mirror music. Continue reading



Fusing elements of Progressive Rock, with mainstream song writing of Hindi Rock, seems to come naturally to Mumbai based band, Coshish. The band believes that their music should have mass appeal and yet showcase their musical dexterity. Their songs are as simple as they are complex and carry strong social messages, delivered beautifully through Hindi lyrics. Continue reading


Time Grid

All started in 2001, when Steve Huber, Rémi Poussier and Yves Marguet happened to play together in Christophe Matthey’s metal workshop in the Ecole des technologies musicales (ETM) of Geneva. The alchemy seemed to work despite their different musical tastes! Continue reading



A profound fascination with the world’s many musical cultures and the desire to create their own version of world music have been the driving forces for Afenginn since their start in 2002. This band is by no means conventional. They are inquisitive, playful and have an imaginative and anarchistic take on traditional musical structures. Continue reading