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In summer 2005, Esteban Navarro and Manel Orella (keys and guitar) get united to perform a series of bizarre shows as a funny and singular duet. Not really good stuff but great fun!

A year later they decided to increase the family, joining Dídac García (bass) and Joan Montané (drums). That was it, a real band! But… would they be able to face the progrock challenge?

It took a year to prepare an hour of a proggy repertoire, and in 2007, it saw the light of day. Worth saying Fat Frosties was already there.

The show was fresh and surprising, and the childish manners and image of the band, specially through their frontman, Esteban, quickly took a place on the audience hearts

In 2009 they recorded some of the best songs of that period on the EP “All the chickens in the bowl”

After two more years of shows and new stuff writing, in 2012 they got involved on their big project, the recording of a full length album, Boiling Fowls!!

2013 was a hard year, fully devoted to the studio. No playing, no shows, no fun… but it was worth it! Finally in early 2014 Boiling Fowls was ready to be presented to the prog community. An intense album, fresh, innovative and full of love for prog. Boiling Fowls was ready to eat the world!

At the end of the recording sessions, the drummer, Joan Montane, left the band, and two more members were included to complete the project, Matias Lizana on keys and vocals, and Eric Rovira on drums and vocals.

Now, in summer 2014…