Chronologist on the Progstravaganza compilation


Chronologist is an original Progressive Metal band hailing from Boston, MA working to debut itself as a musical force to be reckoned with. Though the various members hail from areas all over North America, they share a common musical thread that ties them all together. Drawing influences from a variety of musical genres as well as a spectrum of metal sub-genres, the band seeks to mix an aggressive, driving groove with beautiful and intricate melodic content. Following the true spirit of progressive metal, the band creates soundscapes that range from consonant and uplifting to crunchy, dissonant, and downright grungy.

Chronologist is currently working on releasing new music and establishing itself in the US Northeast and beyond. With passion, drive, and dedication present in every part of its lineup, Chronologist is set on working to become a major part in the contemporary and future metal market.