Interview with Bangbakc

Bangbakc from Portland put out their second album “Lot Lizards” recently, an all-over-the-place release that is a real mindfeck. To understand what it is all about I asked Dylan, Brill and Aaron, and they were very happy to answer some of my questions.

Big thanks to Brill especially for helping me understand what this Portlanders are about.

So, what’s the deal with the band’s name?

Dylan: It’s an inside joke that got out of hand. Sometimes your back hurts if it’s been a while, and sometimes your c’s and k’s get mixed up.

Brill: It refers to gettin down a bit too hard casue its been a while and ya got pent up frustrAtions. Its a great lay but the next day your bakc is a all fukced up.

For such unserious group of people I have to say that Bangbakc’s music sounds very serious. How come?

Dylan: It’s fun to goof around. It is also fun to make ridiculous concept albums that are also musically engaging to play. I mean, our narratives are truly absurd at the core, but there’s a lot of content that is pretty dark on the fundamental level.

Brill: Cause were crazy people just hang out with us for a few bowls you’ll see. Were super serious about nothings that dustract us from somethings. Probably anyone who stumbles across our music has a simalair problem

Aaron: We are a very serious band. We talk about real shit, like a psychopathic genius cannibal that intends on eating a prostitute’s child, and our first album has a highly contrasting reverse-monochrome picture of Henry Kissinger on the front cover. We aim to get at the real issues, the real problems.

Lot Lizards

Who designs album art for Bangbakc, and how the album art extend the visual concept of your music?

Dylan: Michelle (our honorary 4th-bakc) has created art for both albums, and put up with us rambling at length about the ridiculous content of the records. She has managed to capture the flavor of the narratives as well as expand upon them in a visual way. No one knows like she does. A handful of characters were also based off sketches that Aarons made, and convenience stores that we frequent.

Brill: Aaron and his awesome wife Michelle do the art. It seems like Aaron sketches a concept then Michelle sketches something simalair then she paints it. Its lovely to me.

Aaron: Usually I’ll come up with these ideas and rough sketches with help from the band, but then Michelle is able to perfectly interpret what’s in my brain and make something gorgeous out of it. If you need album art done, hit up Michelle Fowler Clark. She is such a talented human!

Describe the sound of “Lot Lizards.” How did the recording of the album go? Was it tough, or funny in a Bangbakc way?

Dylan: It is a musical smorgasbord. The recording process was similar, and it did have some funny moments, but we had all set out to create something. While it certainly got silly at times, we had something that was both collaborative and unified that we wanted to share.


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What was the hardest moment during the creation of “Lot Lizards”?

Dylan: We had a fight or two, but knew that we had a task to complete. As it has been in the past, it was difficult for me to balance music with real life, but, luckily, it is possible.

Brill: Second day of recording.


What are the themes you explore in your lyrics?

Dylan: I have a feeling that my band mates will answer this one. It’s a concept album that delves into truck stop culture, franchise television, and a sense of uneasiness with certain aspects of the music industry. It also connects to our last album, thematically, but it’s pretty “prøg”.

Brill: Consciousness being downloaded to a space drive.

What do you guys do except playing with bangbakc?

Dylan: I am largely occupied with activities directly and indirectly related to being Brill’s agent. But I try to make time for the wife and kids. Also: they hate me right now. All of those little baby splashes you are saying, are precious life. I feel like I should be throwing money, or something. All of them little splashes, you wouldn’t believe it unless you could see it.

Aaron: Trying to find some sort of balance between spending time with my wife, work, all of the recording/mixing projects I’ve taken on, solo projects, and then dealing with the anxiety that comes from that with a unhealthy mix of debauchery and punching a heavy bag. Too many things. I think I might be losing my mind right now, objectively speaking.

Brill: Prizza delovery but going to soon become the king of proatland.

What does the future for the band hold?

Dylan: Music, banquets, lyrics, etc. I have high hopes, but I also have a high self. Take from that what you will, but don’t take it too seriously now, you hear? My cat wants attention. In all frankness, we would like to finish the trilogy, and the fourth album, which will be called “bangbakc’s greatest hits”, which has almost nothing to do with the content of this album, or the other one that comes before it or the album after right after this one. It’ll be fun. I’m looking forward to it.

Brill: Music.

What is your favourite beer?

Dylan: We live in Portland, and that is a very hard question. I like hops. I also like beer without hops. Something is terribly wrong, and everything is confusing right now. , to catch them. We have cocoa, and we have still had, so we actually stock the eggs. We normally have a lot of steelhead, but right now we have a lot of coho salmon, it’s full of babies fish, and they are so beautiful. Beautiful. And we thank you today for allowing us to come into the hatchery and see what you do.

Brill: I like beer sometimes.

Aaron: As a member of this band I should answer “Coors Banquet”, but I am personally partial to a local lambic beer brewery called Cascade Barrell House. They make a damn fine kriek and a fist full of other superior, delicious sour ales.

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