Fake Heroes

Interview with Fake Heroes

Italian prog metallers Fake Heroes released their second album “Clouds” in September 2015. The band has huge plans for 2016, and about them but also “pizza or pasta” dilemma they are telling below.

Before we start: pizza or pasta?

Mmmmm, can we choose both? tongue emoticon Pizza topped with pasta!

Now we can start. Fake Heroes is a very young band. And for such a young band, your current position is pretty good. What do you guys think about it?

We think that the right ideas have made this possible. Our project started in 2012 and since then we have produced 2 EP and 2 full album. In short, it is not easy unless you have a clear direction and a composer as Draft that is always looking for new ideas.

Are you satisfied with where you landed?

Definitely. We know we still have to grow a lot but ” Clouds ” for us is a real starting point , an authentic work.


How would you describe the sound of Clouds to the people who have not heard it yet?

I have previously described ” Clouds ” as traveling to places that you never get tired of seeing. It’s an album hard to place in a specific music genre and this make it very personal .

Question for Manuel: who influences your vocal style at the most?

Manuel says: My style is mostly influenced by some very important singers of metal scene, but I can’t deny that I took my inspiration from Myles Kennedy and James LaBrie for the melodies and from vocal lines of Spencer Sotelo in Periphery’s album “Clear”.

Where do you draw your inspiration, what influences your song writing?

Draft says: I often listen to new music. The rest comes out automatically. It’s all the result of moods that I feel at times when I write a new song.

Who in the band handles most of songwriting?

Draft is the composer of all the songs signed Fake Heroes. The greatest contribution to the drafting of texts and vocal lines comes from Manuel.

What are your five all times favourite albums?

Draft says: I think each of us has his own ranking. For me it is very difficult to choose only 5 albums but I try:

Smashing Pumpkins – Siamese Dream
Tears For Fears – Elemental
Steve Vai – Alien Love Secrets
Symphony X – The Odyssey
Periphery – Periphery II

But if you do me the same question in two hours I could give a different answer.

Speaking of music you listen to, how much of it influences your songwriting?

It is virtually impossible not to be influenced by the music that you listen. The musical progress is tied to this process in which music has been handed down by entering new ideas and new sounds. Our ” little secret ” is that we have not closed in a specific genre but we have tried to convey everything we love in the name Fake Heroes.

Are there any new materials you guys already working on?

Yes, sure. There are the new ideas for a concept album. It will be a long process but we are already on the way.