JOFRO-HEMA is a band on the danish rock scene. The instrumentation: Vocal, guitar, bass, keyboards and drums.
The lead singer is the Faroese “Fro”, whereas the others are from Denmark. All of the band members have many years of experience in rock music.

JOFRO-HEMA has these past few years written and rehearsed all new songs and are now ready to play them for the public.

JOFRO-HEMA plays progressive rock with many influences. These influesces come from all the members because they all participate in the creativite process of making music in the rehearsal studio.

JOFRO-HEMA is not affraid to challenge the audience with its compositions that “change direction” and surprise with untraditional rythms and chord lines.

JOFRO-HEMA is a pronounced live band that vil create great dynamics and big sound on the stage.