Mirror of Dreams

Mirror of Dreams: Kris Tilbury (harp, vox, all mixing and mastering)

Kris Tilbury is a vocalist/instrumentalist (with a minor in Vocal Performance) who has been recording music since 2006. A friend (Robert Nunnally)  invited her to read poetry for an electronic mix; shortly thereafter, he taught her to create ambient music. A few months later, Kris released a dark ambient digital album under the name “Nakjaarna.” She no longer records under this name.

Her former bands include: Paper Gods (Neoclassical), Wintryfrost (Metal), and Above the Skyline (Ambient Chillout).  She is currently the member of Christian extreme metal band, My Darkest Time.

Now, she is currently working on her ambient solo project, Mirror of Dreams, and is planning to release her debut album “Amaranthine.”