Mothersloth is a Madrid-based band, started in 2008. Original members were Oscar on drums, Alvaro – guitars, Rafael – vocals, and Jackie – guitars.

They recorded some demos in their rehearsal space to send to a festival, and later on edited these recordings with the title Death Flowers ( 2009).

Then Rafael left, and the band started writing songs in a different direction, perhaps a wider approach, some of them have remained instrumental, such as Holy Wall and Death Flower.

With Rolando F on vocals, Gerald on bass the band started playing around the Madrid venues. The debut show was on 14 April 2011 opening for La Dolorosa.

They played with some other bands such as Cherry But No Cake (UK), Pura Muerte, Craneon, Teething, Dawn To Dusk, Orthodox, until the beginning of 2012. Right before getting into the studio to do some good quality recordings, they decided to replace the singer, and called Fernando Polvaredo from local band Fungus to do the job.

They called this collection Hazy Blur Of Life, consisting of four songs, namely Pile Of Fortune, Goliath, MotherSloth and Supersun. It was edited in 2013 by Dooom Records, a small label in Peru.

Soon after the completion of the first EP, the band lost the singer. They then decide to focus in the instrumental songs they had been writing along the years, and started recording the second effort, Moribund Star, consisting of 5 songs .

They got back to two guitars adding Dani on guitars, and found Alex who would be the new singer and bass player.

In the band’s sound you can find several influences,70′s inspired sounds combined with heavy guitar riffs and open chords, in order to give each song the sound they need.

First band EP, released December 2012 via bandcamp.