Murky Red on Progstravaganza progressive rock & metal compilation

Murky Red

Murky Red were a little surprised when they read the October Münsteraner Bote review: “We think that Murky Red has a great future ahead, so better book them quick because in a few years you can’t get them anymore in any case. These guys reinvented Rock. Fantastic sound, great rough vocals and wonderful melodic guitar solos.”

The Belgian band started in 2010 when singer/songwriter Stef Flaming and his wife Yolanda Flaming (backing vocals/keys) met the impressive bassist Tom Kockelmans of the band Nema, and after advertisements for musicians were placed on several websites, the band found their first line up. The first year was a learning process and a search for an own identity, and it became clear that not all members shared the same vision.

In August 2011, drummer Jef Vandervorst decided to leave the band and was replaced by Joery Masson, who spiced up the sound with his powerful playing. “He started breaking out all these loops and hit the drums harder than we were used before and we were like ‘cool’!”.
In May 2012 guitarist Georges Petrofski decided to leave the band too. He was replaced by Patrick Dujardin, who seemed to be the missing link; the combination worked, the Murky Red identity began to grow. Inspired by Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Fleetwood Mac, Rival sons, David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler, the songs became more complex and intense and it gave them the unique edge that defines the band’s sound.

One of the new songs, “Galadriel” became a turning point. People started to really notice them. They got signed with the record label ‘Melodic Revolution Records’, based in Orlando, Florida, USA. Nick Katona, CEO of the label, describes their genre as heavy melodic rock.
In September, Marie Van Camp joined the band to enforce the sound with backing vocals and small percussion. Excited as they were with the new sounds they were laying down, the band never anticipated the enthusiasm which critics and fans alike found for their music.

‘I can’t get over this band’, comments Andy Bradford, host of AiiRadio, ‘Their songs are fresh and familiar at the same time, with absolutely addictive melodies. After playing their tracks many times I’ve noticing that my favorite track keeps changing. They’re one of the five best rock bands of 2012!’. Chris, host of Progtology 101, agrees: “Of all the new entries in the charts I dig this band the most. Coming in on number 2 with Boots for hire’ they show the most promise, delivering a grungy, filthy sounding version of Pink Floyd/Black Sabbath. It’s bad ass music. Murky Red kill!’”

Following the November release of their debut album, ‘Time doesn’t matter’, the band have set their sights on the West European region. They are planning a number of gigs in Belgium and Germany and are aiming for the Netherlands and France. ‘We just want to get out there and play at this point,’ Stef says, ‘We’re ready to get back to what it’s all about: rockin’ the house!’”

“What it comes down to for us”, remarks Stef, “is that we really dig what we’re doing, and we’ve reached music lovers from all over the globe. We’ve met so many people who say “this is the kind of music I love, why is nobody else playing it?” that we wouldn’t want to do anything else”.