Obsidian Key

Obsidian Key is a progressive rock metal music band project that was formed in Brighton, UK during January 2010 by guitarist Sonic V.

Obsidian Key music style is Progressive Rock (but a better definition would be “free rock”) with a wide range of sonorities that goes from heavy metal tracks till almost pop ballads with sophisticated time signatures and elegant melodies enriched by interesting and deep lyrics.

Obsidian-Key’s music style is also influenced by psychedelia, jazz, fusion and the creativity of the compositions brings the band to experiment also with some classical, symphonic, ethnic and folk elements, at times and ethereal, surreal and epic atmospheres.

Obsidian Key’s music is characterised by the use of traditional rock music instruments (guitars, bass guitar, drums, digital synthesizers, electric organ) mixed with instruments more common in classical music (e.g. piano, violins, violas, celli, horns, harps, flutes, classical guitars). Sonic writes the music and most of the lyrics, sings and plays all of the instruments on all of the Obsidian Key albums, alongside many guest musicians. An updated list of the guest musicians can be found on the official site at Obsidian Key’s guest musicians.

The project is getting more and more known for the creativity of the compositions.