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Armed Cloud

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Armed Cloud is characterised by a powerful mixture of heavy riffage, deep grooves and powerhouse vocals with atmospheric keys on top. Their sound contains influences from symphonic and progressive rock, metal, hard rock, and pop.

Wouter van der Veen and Boris Suvee got together in 2010 to form a band named Eclipse. After various changes in line-up they were joined by Remco van der Veen on keyboards and Kevin Brandts on drums. When late summer of 2011 saw the arrival of vocalist Daan Dekker to the band they changed their name to Armed Cloud.

March 2012 was marked by the release of their first EP “Shroud of Rain”, which was recorded in De Pit Studios (Weert, NL) and produced by Hans Reinders. The band was chosen for the second round of the Dutch Exposure band competition later that year. They contributed two tracks to the “Dutch Exposure” LP, which was released in December 2012 through Freia Music.

In January 2013 Kevin announced he could no longer produce the increasing amount of time the band requested. Rico Noijen has been confirmed as the new drummer in April 2013.

Modest - live in Neerkant - Cafe de Muzikant

Modest Midget

Modest - live in Neerkant - Cafe de Muzikant

Imagine trying to create a salad based on pickles, olives, chocolate, honey, hummus, jam and feta cheese. This is exactly what Lonny and his gang are doing with their music. Different styles and genres that have little in common meet each other under one roof, offering a repertoire of pure fun alongside profound seriousness.

This band is on a mission; to freshen up the music industry, and to bring their audiences both friendly & attractive tunes as well as complex compositions and arrangements. A shake that this milk has needed for years.

The Great Prophecy of a Small Man – the debut album that Lonny produced and published in 2010 has received unanimously fantastic reviews from dozens of music magazines around the world, including among others Oor Magazine – the most prominent music magazine in the Netherlands. Several publications nominated it as one of their top 10 albums of the year, some went as far as calling it the best debut of 2010.

Crysis is the name of the new album the band is now working on. An album which dares to be yet more excentric and extreme in its diversity, created under the pains of personal life-happenings as well as band changes in a world that is facing grave historical challenges.

The album is about the nature of the life span, the end and the start of a new chapter, the pains and the great joys that take place, and the hope for a new and better future in the life of an individual, and of mankind in general. Lonny created the concept, writing and composing the complete album within a period of 2,5 months, then recording and refining it in the following six months.

Lonny has composed and arranged music for different orchestra’s, ensembles and productions, working with among others Holland Symfonia (the Dutch opera & ballet orchestra), and artists like Wouter Hamel. He orchestrated music for the Oscar nominated feature film Footnote (2012). He still works with different artists and composes music for film and t.v.


3rd Ear Experience


3RD EAR EXPERIENCE is a new genuine space rock band recording musical improvisations in a little studio situated out in the highlands of Joshua Tree/Mojave Desert, just where some of the members live. The outfit includes Dug Pinnick of KING’S X fame, Robbi Robb of the African acid rock band TRIBE AFTER TRIBE and synth player Amritakripa, also inherently involved in Indian devotional music.

Three days of free form jams led on to the self-released debut album ‘Peacock Black’ which is comprised of four extended tracks. At times being courageously experimental they abandoned formal arrangements and allowed the music to flow in a cosmic sonic dialogue between fellow musicians and stargazers. The result is summing up trance-like and groovy excursions, Kosmische Musik in the Berlin School vein as well as dramatic and otherwordly moments.

Shortly after that Megaforce Records released another band album named ‘Boi’, this time featuring eight tunes with a more common song structure. 3RD EAR EXPERIENCE certainly will please every fan of unbounded psychedelic and space rock music.

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Thomas Gonkler

Promo 2

Thomas Glönkler (born 1970) is working as school teacher in the small town of Gechingen.

For a long time he’s been working on producing art and music.

As leading man of the german progressive rock band ICU he realized 3 Music CDs during the 90s. His latest output AUSZEIT – a guitar and flute based project – was published in 2005. After that he was working on the GOLDSTADT CD.

GOLDSTADT is a concept album about the destruction of the german city of Pforzheim (nicknamed “Goldstadt”, because of its jewel industry) on Feb. 23rd,1945.

Before realizing GOLDSTADT there was a long time of intensive research about the fate of german cities during World War 2. This led to the idea of writing a 20-minute-piece about the attack and destruction of Pforzheim by the Royal Air Force. Speaking with witnesses and doing research revealed that many themes concerning Feb. 23rd,1945 are still present up to now and many wounds have never been healed.

From there new ideas developed and finally led to songs in the range from acoustic ballads and traditional progrock arrangements up to orchestral sequences.

Wilton - Half Blurry 300 Res

Wilton Said

Wilton - Half Blurry 300 Res

From his primary years of bashing on pots and pans along to The Beatles, his high school years of learning how to play Iron Maiden’s “Number of the Beast” on viola, his study of Musical Composition at Toronto’s York University, through to his mid 20′s as a guitar player in original Art Rock bands such as Crisis Ten, Shopping Asia and Edge of Sense, Wilton has always had music inside of him.

In his late 20′s. Wilton had had enough of the guitar and band democracy and was searching for another musical outlet.  The Live Kate Bush video “Live at Hammersmith” provided the inspiration and he took up vocal lessons with the intent of starting his own solo project with himself on Vocals and Keyboards.  After developing his vocal style, he was able to gather members of previous bands to back him up on drums, bass and guitar. The project Wilton Said… was born.

While his earlier releases of “World Up my Ass” and “Broken” had a variety of musicians playing Bass and Drums (Wilton played guitar), his later releases had a more stable band oriented set of musicians with Richard Rizzo on Drums, Andrew Buntain on Bass, and Wilton giving up guitar duties to long time friend and musician Chris Reid.  This line up recorded two CD’s “The Butterfly Plague” and “The View”.  Shortly after, Bassist Andrew Buntain left the band and Frank Heisler joined as a replacement and can be heard on the most recent release of “Half Life”.

Style wise, one could group the music of Wilton Said… into the Art Rock category, but that’s still pretty vague, which is just the way Wilton likes it.

“I’m open to a variety of styles of music from Orchestral, Jazz, Blues, Pop, Rock, Prog, Goth, Alternative and Heavy Metal, all of which have had an influence on my writing and singing.  Add to that the various influences and styles of the current band members and we’ve got an interesting mix of sounds.”

“I often write with a certain sound or sonic texture in my head.  But as soon as the other guys, especially guitarist Chris Reid, get a hold of it, it changes into some other type of edgy thing which is totally unexpected and for me, original.”

The music on the most recent release “Half Life” could be considered by some as Art Rock.  Others may call it simply Alternative while others may hear it as Math Rock or Indie Rock.  I guess one could say it’s all of those things making for an unusual and interesting musical soundscape.

Enjoy at your own risk.

For information on past releases, news, shows and live appearances, please visit


Scarlet Romeo


Progmospheric – this neologism, a symbiosis of progressive and atmospheric, represents the musical shape of Scarlet Romeo at best. The band started off in 2006. After replacing the “Voice” and the “Bass” in summer of 2008, the new line-up of the band is complete and Scarlet Romeo is working harder than ever.

Scarlet Romeo stands for ambitious Rock- and Metalsongs, from progressive instrumentals and aggressive Heavy Metal through to atmospheric Longtracks. Sweeping Grooves merge with mighty Guitar Riffs, tuneful Keyboards and the female voice.


Le Reverie


Le Reverie means ”The Dream” in French (with a few spelling changes); and this Female Fronted Gothic Metal band has just released their debut  CD titled “Dark Symphony”. The long awaited 12 Song CD is a combination of Symphony, Goth Rock, Metal and Progressive Rock and will take you on an amazing journey from the symphonic musical elegance of “La Naissance” to the dark, heavy/progressive title track, “Dark Symphony” to the tender ballad “Ghost of You” and the haunting tribute to Edgar Allan Poe himself, “Raven”. Le Reverie is a combination of Evanescence and Dream Theater.  Available iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon and


Axial Lead


We are Axial Lead!

We’re a bunch of guys who come from all walks of life and from opposite corners of the world.

Some of us met a long-long time ago, others joined more recently; some of us were born in Bucharest, others came here to study and seek a different life, across the oceans. In all these years we’ve always been friends, but with the dawn of December 22nd 2011, we found a name to unite us and a purpose to lead us.

The “Axial Lead” became our direction.

Because we love stories so much, a few months before that fateful day, we decided to mix all our experiences into one big culture-melting-pot of human thought and feeling. The result was a global picture of story-telling reflected in a musical style and sound that is in sync with who we are, combining musical genres ranging from jazz to djent, thrash, flamenco, power metal, latin-jazz and funk.

We keep an open mind towards new things and we love to experiment with our music. We don’t believe in recipes and we feel that each story has its own shape and sound.

We love to follow these stories and see how they unfold, being shaped not by one, but all of us at the same time. Such is the case of our first album, that we began recording in the summer of 2013. We started writing some songs that quickly became related by meaning and led us to a single narrative, building upon itself with words, drawings, ideas and schemes. The album will be out in the fall of 2013.

Follow the lead!


100 Onces


100 Onces are a young (20 and 21) two piece math rock band hailing from Los Angeles featuring Barrett Tuttobene on guitar and Richard Ray on drums. Their sound is raw and punk influenced. The group was started in 2010, with the debut album ’100 One Is’ being released on Christmas day 2011. A live album, ‘Famous in Japan’, was released later in 2012, and a second studio album ’100 One Says’ was released May 30th, 2013. 100 Onces has gone on two west coast tours, and continues to grow their fan base in Los Angeles and all over the globe.

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