The Analogue

The Analogue was created by Music student Marc Ciufo Green as part of his Major Project at university (the project has now been awarded a first). Now 21 years old, Marc has been playing the piano from the age of 7, and is an accomplished composer and multi-instrumentalist.

The concept of The Analogue started with a very simple idea: what if a person awakened one day in a world with nobody else, and no memory? Thus The Analogue was born. The title character was conceived as an analogue for humanity, hence his name. The music on the record follows The Analogue in his travels following his awakening, whilst offering few clues about his origin and nature. Through the story, the piece explores ideas surrounding energy, from its deadly use in weapons to renewable power and it’s ultimate role in the life and death of the universe.

The Analogue was initially presented as a ‘Sound and Vision live experience’ with a live band and accompanying photographic projection. The Analogue band are planning more live shows from September.


Heavy Temple


Heavy Temple require more than merely a listen. They are sonic mysticism, calling on sight, touch and thought. Emerging from far points in the universe, they aim to create an atmosphere, textured and ethereal, that brings the listener into their space, rather than remaining an observer.

Undulating rhythms and rich, hypnotic melodies combine with Iron Age psychedelic visuals to construct an experience which can only be described as an attempt to reach the fifth dimension. The result is a mood that is as sensual as it is raging. Enter the Heavy Temple and experience it for yourself.




Formed in the latter part of 2003, Sleestak started as a heavy rock band intent on delivering riffs in the vein of Clutch, Black Sabbath, and C.O.C. From the early days in the basement, with the many hours of open, free-for-all jamming, the band slowly gained their own identity and expanded their cumulative influences above and beyond the hard rock heroes they set out to emulate. More extreme and underground groups such as Isis, Sleep, Electric Wizard, Yob, Neurosis, and Esoteric were finding their way into the speakers and headphones of the band. Also, at once having an appreciation for that slower, sludge-filled pit that is Doom Metal, the band were drawn into the hypnotic voids of psychedelia created by the likes of Pink Floyd, The Doors, Dead Meadow, and Hawkwind. These elements have earned them the opportunity to share the stage and perform with the likes of Yob, Acid King, Black Cobra, Clutch, Totimoshi, High On Fire, and many, many more.

While many genre labels have been lain upon Sleestak, the one that the band embraces the most is “progressive doom”. This seems fitting as the group continually strives to push their creative limits, be forward in thinking, and ignoring current trends even within their own chosen genre. This became evident with the 2011 release of The Fall Of Altrusia. An epic concept album, Sleestak here were found to embrace and combine all aspects of their beloved influences and became a turning point for the band, now gaining praise and critical acclaim, letting them be seen and heard amidst the smoke-choked sea of their peers.

2013 sees the band releasing the Book Of Hours EP, a six track sidestep from the experimental psych meanderings into heavy groove-laden legitimate song writing drenched in bluesy, prog stoner fuzz.

What the future brings is still a psychedelic vision shrouded in mist, unclear in its scope or purpose, but the path has been found and the journey has begun…


odetosun is a progressive metal project from augsburg, germany. Formed in 2008, the project was known until 2012 as odensraven and released the album tod der welt.

odetosun is composed of guitarist and songwriter benny stuchly, his brother luke stuchly on vocals and the marvelous gunther rehmer on drums.

Visions Project

Among numerous acts of modern Prog Rock scene VISIONS PROJECT (Ukraine) is definitely band not to be missed! Formed in 2012 by keyboardist Oleg Polyanskiy and guitarist Dmytro Zhinkin, VP offers some of the best Ukrainian instrumental skills and entirely reflects its leaders’ variety of music interests and tastes – from Classical and Jazz to cutting-edge Fusion and Prog Metal. Oleg Polyanskiy, VP mastermind, is a “Classical virtuoso equally at home in improvising music of any genre; most especially, in Classical, Jazz, Fusion and Progressive Rock” (Larry A. Russell, CEO, Eroica Classical Recordings, USA). Dmytro Zhinkin, whose contribution in the album was not only playing but also sound engineering and mastering, surprises with wide range of acoustic and electric guitar techniques, and his individual melodic approach. The other band members – Shirhan Agabeyli (bass), Sergey Balalaev and Vadim Samosyuk (drums), Vlad Volovikov and Zhanna Smolego (vocals) – fit into the music context, bringing up their professional mastery. Overall, VISIONS PROJECT is an exciting and technical blend of Prog Metal, Jazz Fusion and Classical Crossover, full of bright melodies, changing meters and blazing instrumental solos.




Germany based Art-pop-outfit “starfish64″ was formed in 2006 by singer-songwriter Dieter Hoffmann and has since been accompanied by various musicians from all over europe. After extensive touring in 2007 – 2008 with Hoffmanns buddy “kass|ühlke”, starfish64 turned more into a “recording”-act than a band. As of now Hoffmann is working on his 4th yet untitled album.




“The Fall Of Bliss” is the debut solo album by Methexis, a musical project conceived and created by Nikitas Kissonas (ex-Yianneis, ex-Verbal Delirium)

The music is in the mood of the 70’s progressive rock with rich harmonies and dark attitude along with conceptual lyrics.




TwoDeadBands are a solid unit of Fuzz from Berlin.

The description of the name is very easy. Two bands broke up and parts of it united to a new Band with a new sound – TwoDeadBands.

They started in 2011 with jamming and developed there first songs. In November 2012 they recorded their first four tracks with Rainer Lauer. The mixing and editing took longer then expected but in June 2013 the first EP -1- was mixed and mastered.

In January 2013 they started to play live. The Line Up is Mario Willing on Drums his characteristics are to keep it simple but very punchy. Frederick Rudawski on Guitar is always good for a new riff and brings his Orange Dark Terror to the edge of its capacity. Maximilian Behrendt plays the Bass sometimes with chords more like a deep fuzzy rhythm guitar and also started to sing and writes the lyrics.

The next shows are planned for October and also a release of the EP on tape in the next months.




OUTLIER is a highly contagious 2-piece Progressive Rock band from St. Catharines Ontario, Canada. Formed in 1995, the boys have survived numerous drummer changes, near death experiences and gear-destroying fires in their pursuit of epic rocking. Sometimes it is ambient soundscapes and other times hard-rocking. Inspired by the highest peaks and the lowest lows, a deep collection of vinyl, musical underdogs and basements where analogue synths peel the paint off the walls, OUTLIER has released two albums, “The Difference Engine” and “Shallow Kingdom”. The EP “The Strength of One Hundred Armies” has just been released, July 2013. With drummer Anthony Goodman new music and performances are in the works.



Mike Kershaw


In 2007 after 22 years working for the same company I found myself out of work and looking for something to engage my mind. I started playing with a cheap piece of music software and in no time I was hooked. By 2008 I was back in employment but decided to take a break in order to concentrate on producing a first album of original songs and in the end wrote & produced two albums (Under the name Relocate to Heathrow) before heading back to earn some money on project work in 2009 for a year. Once that assignment finished and with my first child born I decided to pack in work and concentrate on his upbringing and devoting more hours to my music.

My first 3 albums were recorded as Relocate to Heathrow but ‘Reason to Believe’ in 2012 and the current album ‘This Long Night’ 2013 have been released under my own name.

My music is definitely Prog rock inspired but I leave myself free to explore wherever I choose and to that end have been told it’s difficult to categorise what I do. I am fine with that as I have no desire to sound like anyone else or to be pigeonholed but I think it’s fair to say that my themes, song structures and lengths mean that only the Prog community are interested in my work.

I do try and create something fresh and different every time and strive to find that combination of songs that give an album an identity. I’m already working on the follow up to ‘This Long Night’ which will be completed sometime in the first half of 2014.

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