The Gabriel Construct 2

The Gabriel Construct

The Gabriel Construct 2

The Gabriel Construct is the rock solo project of Gabriel Lucas Riccio, a vocalist, composer and multi-instrumentalist from Salisbury, MD. His debut album, ‘Interior City’, is a dark and atmospheric concept album featuring Travis Orbin (Darkest Hour, ex-Periphery, Of Legends) on drums, Thomas Murphy (ex-Periphery) on bass, David Stivelman (ex-Debbie Does Dallas) on guitar, Soren Larson on saxophone, and frequent collaborator Sophia Uddin on violin. The album unites players from rock, metal, classical, and jazz backgrounds to create a sound which incorporates influences from a wide variety of genres, including progressive rock, 20th century classical music, extreme metal, drum-n-bass, jazz, ’90s grunge and space rock, ’80s pop and more. The album’s densely layered vocal harmonies, distorted pianos, dissonant chords, and complex rhythms envelop the listener in a hallucinatory wall of sound.

Gabriel graduated from Swarthmore College with a Bachelor of Arts in Music in 2011, where he won the Melvin B. Troy Prize in composition after studying under Gerald Levinson. Levinson was a student of George Crumb and Olivier Messiaen, both of whom became large influences on ‘Interior City’. Gabriel’s rock background combined with classical training provide him with a unique perspective which allows him to create a sound entirely his own.

Just as the music of ‘Interior City’ attempts to overcome the limitations of genre boundaries, the album’s concept is concerned with overcoming the mental programming which holds each of us back. It is a story about paranoia and escapism, based on a simple idea: in a society which respects nothing, every individual learns that they are not worthy of respect. The album follows one person’s tumultuous journey to regain their self respect and their ability to fully engage with the world around them, in the process revealing the darkest thoughts that drive society as a whole.

Gabriel wanted “to create a work which encourages people to live with respect and compassion, both for the world around them and for themselves. In an increasingly globalized world, it is more important than ever to recognize how our actions and lifestyles affect others.” With ‘Interior City’, he has musically documented his personal journey towards manifesting that compassion.

‘Interior City’ was engineered by Garrett Davis (The Devil Wears Prada, Train, Shinedown) and mixed/mastered by Taylor Larson (Periphery, Life on Repeat, Conditions).




TORSO is a Psychedelic/70’s rock-inspired quartet from Vienna. The origin of the formation back in the summer of 2009, when met Thomas Pint (bass), Michael Jandrisevits (guitar) and Florian Giessauf (drums) for the first time in a rehearsal room,worn by the desire to music without blinkers and free of any barriers to make.

According booming amplifiers, free psychedelic improvisations and long solos were the product of this time dedicated to the music. After about five months of existence the trio was named after the Aztec King “Montezuma” (Haydn Rockt! 2009), for a compilation on the first song.

In winter 2010 it was forced to calm the gentlemen, as the drummer left the band for family reasons. A musical rethink was needed. This resulted in the spring of 2011 for filling the drums with Klaus Gulyas, while Bernard Gager took over the vocals and the second guitar.

The resulting stylistic changes forced the four musicians in a new musical direction. From seemingly endless, sometimes 50-minute jams developed structured forms and a sophisticated songwriting. TORSO was born.

In its relatively short existence, the young band already shared the stage with famous groups such as Siena Root, Karma to Burn,The: Egocentrics, Golden Void, Mars Red Sky, Glowsun, Umor, Danava or Saviours. The result of the many sweaty hours in the rehearsal room released in May 2012 in a first EP called (“Inside”) on “Stone Free Records” found  precipitation and entered TORSO transnational respect in relevant magazines, radio stations and musicblogs.




Since the release of To Cross The Great Divide, Pike has been raking in top points in reviews from across the globe. On the live-front the band has been laying low the past year due to scheduling conflicts caused by the bandmembers living spread out across Sweden with only rare chanses to rehearse and write. During 2012 the band played four shows; the official releasepart for the album (at which the whole album was played from start to finish without interruption), two swedish festivals as well as opening for Baroness at their Stockholm-show. The rarity of live performances makes the few shows all that more special as they are carefully picked and every show is a special one-off event.

Also during 2012, and now 2013, the band has been working on new material and have also included some of it in the recent live repertoire.

What the future holds is yet to be seen, but rest assured that Pike is ready to destroy whatever stage they may grace.




Vy is the solo project of Gaby Vidal, guitar player for Similar ( ) & ONGO ( ). At both sites you can listen to the music for free. While Similar wasn’t a prog band at the beginning, It began using prog concepts when he joined the band 2 years ago. It was even added to ’s list of bands on May 2013.

ONGO has been around for about 15 years and it as band that mixes heavy riffing with odd meters and lots of improv.

“After many years of recording ideas I decided to finish the best ones with many of my friends providing their talents. I used the concept of inviting musicians as a experimental tool combining musicians that normally wouldn’t work together because they “belong to different scenes” (hardcore, indie, pop, noise, etc…).”

The record took about 2 years to finish from the moment he decided to do the project. Everything was recorded at Ongolandia Studio.

To listen to other projects in which Gaby is involved go to Be sure to check out trili, a prof project he led a couple of years a




Pyramidal is a psychedelic rock band from Alicante, Spain. Their influences come from progressive and hard rock bands of the 70s such as Hawkwind, Can, Black Sabbath, Amon Duul II, Captain Beyond or Ash Ra Tempel.

Formed in 2010, Pyramidal’s members have a long career within the hard rock, stoner and psychedelic music scene, and played in several bands before.

Their first work came up at the end of December 2011 under the title “Dawn In Space”. A seven track LP mostly instrumental, full of otherworldly sounds, obscure psychedelia and hypnotic rhythms that will take you to the deepest end of outer space. Now they’re back with “Frozen Galaxies” a four track album that mixes their spacerock vibes with some heavyprog passages that will make the listeners get into an unforgettable odyssey of hypnotic and lysergic sounds.


Temple of the Smoke


“Music may be abstract, just like technology, magic, or nature. Sometimes, it’s hard to find a logic even in patterns of our abstractly created universe.

Bio-luminescence of fireflies and stellar moths will light through our eyes, melting meadows and skyscrapers in acid-like bliss. Winds will change and the Crimson dawn is just about to appear to embrace the wildlife of our karmic shells.

Birds are singing chants, summoning Mother to re-invoke our primal dreams, like echoing drums from the deep, alien slumber, mankind’s eternal sleep… Moon is just a picture, oscillating sound, materialized circle of our astral archetypes.

It was written that were many ways to make portals. We believed, as we do believe… And we have seen fractals of mana butterflies creating mountains of love and light, an island in ocean of thresholds on starlight skies, radiating color out of space to shape the dreams of mankind.

It has begone. The floods came, and the astral wave has brought an instant change.”


Space Mirrors


The new Space Mirrors album “The Other Gods” is the second in the “Cosmic Horror” series (and 5th in the band’s discography) inspired by the stories of H.P. Lovecraft. It is a wonderful blend of dynamic space rock, prog metal and classic hard rock with influences not only from Hawkwind but also Blue Öyster Cult, Eloy and Black Sabbath! “The Other Gods” shows a further development in terms of sound and musicians’ line-up with the recruitment of Claudio Tirincanti (Blaze Bayley, Tim “Ripper” Owens, etc.) to play all drums and Gabriel Monticello (Spaceseed, Albany Symphony Orchestra, etc.) to play bass on all songs. Sparky Simmons (Acid FM) recorded most of the guitars and Fabio Bartolini (Hate Profile) played guitars on one song. Martyr Lucifer delivered his best vocals’ performance to date. Bless (Hortus Animae) recorded some wonderful piano. Cyndee Lee Rule provided a violin string section and Dr. James Hodkinson (Shadowlight, Pre-Med) played mellotron and moog. The legendary Nik Turner (Hawkwind’s co-founder, Space Ritual, etc.) once more recorded sax and flute. Everything was done under the coordination of keyboardist Alisa Coral, the creator of Space Mirrors. Artwork and 12-page booklet were again created by Kevin SommersSpace Mirrors again confirmed its international status by having in its ranks musicians from Italy, USA, UK and Russia!

Alisa Coral about this record: “I think we have been able to successfully mix progressive space rock with classic hard rock in a modern suit here. We’ve got a very strong rhythm section with the same musicians playing on all the songs this time. Every musician gave it all to the recording and Martyr Lucifer really shows the great range of his voice. There is no programming and no triggered drums. Just old school real drumming, heavy riffs, hot leads, sax, flute, symphonic keyboards, spacey synth and vocals – all combined very nicely on this album.”


Gekko Projekt


Progressive Rock under the influence of King Crimson, Genesis, UK, Jethro Tull, Yes, Camel, Weather Report.

Peter Matuchniak (Guitar) began his career playing in the British neo-prog band Mach One, which was part of the scene that spawned Marillion and Pendragon. In more recent years he was a member of the progressive rock ensemble Evolve IV. His guitar style has been compared to Steve Hackett of Genesis. In addition to playing guitar, he writes much of the band’s material.

Vance Gloster (Keyboards) has produced CDs for various artists from blues to folk to jazz, but progressive rock has always been his favorite. He also wrote and recorded the score for the the film The First Time. In recent years he played in the progressive blues rock band WZMG and the Coot, co-producing their CD. He contributes much of the band’s material, and sings. His favorite keyboard sounds include Moog lead synth sounds, Hammond organ and Fender Rhodes electric piano.

Rick Meadows (Bass) has been playing in blues and progressive rock bands in Southern California for decades. Along with Vance, he was a member of the progressive blues rock band WZMG and the Coot.

Alan Smith (Drums) Has played in many influential Southern California bands, including a Jethro Tull tribute band. Besides playing drums, he also provides lead vocals on Black Hole.


SIOS looks to break barriers and leave their mark in and beyond the music world. The band is made up of four self-taught individuals who go above and beyond to create an eclectic world; not only through their music, but also through the fictional concept they have created to serve as the backdrop to their sound. During an uncertain period in his life, lead guitarist Christian “Enigma” Cruz decided to reach out to former guitar student and band mate Phillip “Dice” DeFreitas, to begin a new band with the goal of reaching millions of people and sharing their unique ideas with the world. Through this common idea, Gabriel Scholis-Fernandez soon joined the band, adding his passion and unique playing style to the mix. Rhythm guitarist Jake Ball was the last piece added to the puzzle; adding a new texture to the already eclectic sound. Through hard work and dedication, SIOS soon became a cohesive concept and sound; intriguing those around them to be a part of the energy.

Corvus Stone

Corvus Stone

Corvus Stone

In 2012 we recorded and released our first CD. “Corvus Stone” It has 80 minutes of music on the CD and despite some saying we supplied too much music for the money, we will continue to do what we feel like doing. If we like it, it goes on the album. Also, we won’t be offering short albums any time soon.

No direction or restriction is ever placed on anything we do, it is mostly instrumental music. The result(surprisingly) is total cohesion. It is all about the music and combination of the sounds we chose. It is never about solos. It isn’t typical prog , jazz fusion, funky 70s TV music, Europorn music or Rock. It is all of those and more.

We had many guests on album 1(see list) and we will continue to invite the very best to be part of what we do in the future. In fact, Blake is fast becoming a full member of the band as we are planning on more vocals on album 2.

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