SIOS looks to break barriers and leave their mark in and beyond the music world. The band is made up of four self-taught individuals who go above and beyond to create an eclectic world; not only through their music, but also through the fictional concept they have created to serve as the backdrop to their sound. During an uncertain period in his life, lead guitarist Christian “Enigma” Cruz decided to reach out to former guitar student and band mate Phillip “Dice” DeFreitas, to begin a new band with the goal of reaching millions of people and sharing their unique ideas with the world. Through this common idea, Gabriel Scholis-Fernandez soon joined the band, adding his passion and unique playing style to the mix. Rhythm guitarist Jake Ball was the last piece added to the puzzle; adding a new texture to the already eclectic sound. Through hard work and dedication, SIOS soon became a cohesive concept and sound; intriguing those around them to be a part of the energy.

Corvus Stone

Corvus Stone

Corvus Stone

In 2012 we recorded and released our first CD. “Corvus Stone” It has 80 minutes of music on the CD and despite some saying we supplied too much music for the money, we will continue to do what we feel like doing. If we like it, it goes on the album. Also, we won’t be offering short albums any time soon.

No direction or restriction is ever placed on anything we do, it is mostly instrumental music. The result(surprisingly) is total cohesion. It is all about the music and combination of the sounds we chose. It is never about solos. It isn’t typical prog , jazz fusion, funky 70s TV music, Europorn music or Rock. It is all of those and more.

We had many guests on album 1(see list) and we will continue to invite the very best to be part of what we do in the future. In fact, Blake is fast becoming a full member of the band as we are planning on more vocals on album 2.




Ysma is an instrumental progressive rock band from Münster, Germany. Founded by guitarist Daniel Kluger and bass player Torge Dellert in 2009, the quartet combines atmospheric elements and progressive rock/metal influences, always focussing on the ambience of a song as well as unconventional rhythms and parts out of the ordinary.

After gaining reputation as an ernergetic live band, Ysma released their first record entitled “Vagrant“ in April 2013. The 12-track album covers the band’s diverse spectrum from purely acoustic pieces to heavier prog influenced by Rush or Opeth.


Traffic Experiment


Formed in 2006 by guitarist/vocalist and composer Stuart Chalmers, session drummer Tom Vincent and bassist Simon James White, Traffic Experiment (named after a temporary road sign in the band’s hometown of Guildford) recorded their first full album, Blue Suburbia, at Woodworm Studios in the rural countryside of Oxfordshire, a converted chapel and formerly the private studio of folk band Fairport Convention.

Chalmers, an astrophysics graduate, had written and demoed the album in full at home in 2005 and, having recruited Vincent and White (former students of the Academy of Contemporary Music and the London Music School respectively), set about recording what would prove to be a fairly complex 11-track album.

As a result of doing everything for themselves, including designing the artwork, setting up their own label, funding and producing the project, Blue Suburbia took Traffic Experiment four years to complete. With its recurring musical and lyrical themes, accompanying visuals, extended soundscapes, and no radio-friendly singles, the album was created as a work to be listened to in its entirety, with the band painstakingly layering their multiple parts and crafting each track so it would segue seamlessly into the next.

To add a further dimension, the album was peppered with sound effects and featured the ‘sped up sound of the Big Bang’, spinning clocks and guitars (with band members twirling around in the studio wearing binaural ear mics), the BBC Radio 4 pips and Once More (with feeling) opening with a cheap monophonic ringtone of its main refrain, amongst many others.
The album also featured the soaring ambient vocals of Harri Norris, only seventeen when recording her parts, as well as a small string section consisting of a single cellist and violinist, recorded over and over to build up the sound.

Produced by Stuart Chalmers, engineered by Steve Hill and mastered by Pink Floyd’s Andy Jackson, Blue Suburbia was released in 2010 on the band’s own self-titled label, Traffic Experiment Music.

Traffic Experiment were back in the studio in 2011 with producer George Shilling (Blur, Bernard Butler, Porcupine Tree, Stornoway), creating a reworking of the classic Doctor Who theme. Named after a flesh-eating shadow from the TV series, Vashta Nerada [Doctor Who Theme] was released on New Year’s Eve 2011.

On 21st December, a date that attracted many end-of-the-world prophecies, the original members headed to Steve Winwood’s fantastically atmospheric studio with a full 8-piece band to record and film a live session of tracks from Blue Suburbia. The resulting film, Traffic Experiment – [Live at the End of the World], will be released on Blu-ray and DVD, along with a re-release of Blue Suburbia on 21st June 2013.

The band are busy writing a follow-up to 2010’s Blue Suburbia, to be released in 2014, as well as rehearsing for live shows in 2013.

Telergy Goody Logo


Telergy Goody Logo

Robert McClung is a multi-instrumentalist/composer/producer who has played just about every style of music imaginable. Touring and recording with acts as diverse as The Commitments, 202 the Band, Nine shades of White, the Makem Brothers and T.J. Wheeler, just to name a few.

In 2009 McClung came up with an idea he would call Telergy, a progressive rock project that would use epic, classically inspired music and bits of radio drama-like spoken narration to tell the stories behind historical events.

In 2011 Telergy sent shockwaves through the progressive rock world with the release of its debut release “The Exodus” which told the age old biblical tale in a new a truly unique way. The album earned abundant accolades from fans and critics alike all over the world. Some reviewers would call it “pure genius” and “a masterpiece of modern progressive rock!”.

Soon after, McClung began work on the next Telergy album “The Legend of Goody Cole” which tells the tragic story of a woman named Eunice “Goody” Cole, who was convicted of witchcraft in the small New England town of Hampton New Hampshire in the year 1656.

Joining McClung in this project are some of the finest musicians from all over the world, including members of such well known progressive rock bands as Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Porcupine Tree, Spock’s Beard, King’s X, Hawkwind, Comedy of Errors and Delusion Squared, as well as many players from top classical orchestras. Even rock legend Dee Snider from the band Twisted Sister lends his voice to one of the albums characters (Check out “The Players” page for more info)

As Telergy’s fame spreads McClung continues to think of new ways to bring together great musicians and tell great stories.




DIALETO is an Art-Rock / Prog-Rock band from São Paulo, Brazil, currently composed by Nelson Coelho on guitar,Miguel Angel on Drums and Jorge Pescara on bass touchstyle.

Formed in 1987 by Nelson, Miguel and Andrei Ivanovic on fretless bass, the trio resumed activities in 2006 after a long hiatus with good reception, both in Brazil and abroad, of their first two albums,“Will Exist Forever” from 2008 and“Chromatic Freedom” from 2010.

In 2012 DIALETO changes it’s original lineup, introducing Jorge Pescara playing the bass lines with his inovative Touchguitar. The band has become an exclusively instrumental act, although keeping in their repertoire songs from the prior periods.

With the new line up the trio launches internationally in June 2013 the album “The Last Tribe” by the prestigious American label MoonJune Records, home to great musicians such as Allan Holdsworth and Soft Machine Legacy among others.




One of the most fascinating chapters in the history of evolution is one that focuses on “the conquest of the air” by some beings who put a real revolution morphology compared to their fellow humans.

The project connects Ornithos the oldest question in the deep evolutionary need for musical progression, in a continuous research and experimentation and exasperated sound.

The choice of the Ibis is not connected only to the name of the band, but also to Thoth, the central figure of the Egyptian mythology, lunar deity of Knowledge, Music and Time.

The musical project Ornithos begins to take shape in 1999 thanks to the sound experiments of Diego Petrini (drums, percussion, piano, organ, mellotron and vocals) and Federico Caprai (bass and vocals), to which is added later Eva Morelli (flute, alto and soprano sax); thus began a musical association, alive and active also in Il Bacio della Medusa.

Since February 2007, the drafting of several pieces: they are so laid the foundations of a concept album with a character very intimate and extremely colorful.

Having completed the work to “ORNITHOSTUDIOS” in December 2007, early in 2008 come to work in the project A. De Cesare (electric guitar solo) and Simone Morelli (electric guitar), all with a view to the completion of the band’s first album, “La Trasfigurazione”.

Ornithos thus enter the studio in September of the same year and, with the help of his friend M. Bracchitta for shooting audio, begins a long and busy recording session which will run until April 2010; at the same time the band is involved in a series of auditions looking for a vocalist, and enters the BPA Studio of F. Riganelli to start the mixing stage of the album.

After a careful selection of the Ornithos come into contact in August 2010 with the singer Maria Giulia Carnevalini (vocals, piano, backing vocals): thanks to her mold vocal soul and blues will enrich the sound of the band, completing both the formation and the work of studio recording of the last songs sung.

The mixing stage comes to an end in March-April 2011; thus the long wait is coming to an end with the birth of “La Trasfigurazione”, released in 2012 by AMS/BTF Records.

La Trasfigurazione get nice feedback and acclaim since the release of reviews in magazines and websites nationally and internationally.

On 15 May 2013, after months of intense work in the studio and stage set, the Ornithos introduce the audience to the new single “Invettiva al Potere.”

The single CD, in a careful layout format cartonsleeve, contains the song “Invettiva al Potere” full & short version, plus the acoustic version of the song “This is what we’ve got: the Flute Song”, extracted from the first concept album band “La Trasfigurazione”, 2012.

Real pearl of this work, the powerful music video “Invettiva al Potere” which shows the successful combination between Music and Image.




An Argentine proposal of strong rock with the depth of classic music and argentine roots that show between their metal cracks. A band that risks. A new and powerful sound. A band that always surprise, that amuses, that inconveniences. They are heavy, they are deep, rare, sometimes smooth and sweet like Fughu’s poison.


The Aaron Clift Experiment


Just as scientists conduct experiments by using their knowledge to explore the unknown, The Aaron Clift Experiment combines elements of classic and cutting-edge music into an innovative whole.

The band’s unique songs draw from a wide range of influences – from classic progressive rock acts like Genesis, Pink Floyd, and Rush to modern groups like Porcupine Tree and Opeth to classical and jazz composers like Beethoven, Schubert, and John Coltrane. Aside from its diversity, The Aaron Clift Experiment is dedicated to producing soulful, powerful music and an intense live show.

In “Lonely Hills,” the band’s debut album, The Aaron Clift Experiment leads the way in fusing the sophistication and depth of classical music with the passion and raw power of rock and roll. Songs such as “Seven” and “Lonely Hills” dramatically explore existential themes of love and loss, while symphonic epics like “My Andalusian Love” and “Shipwrecked” create their own mini-worlds that draw in the listener.

What began as an idea of how to create music has now blossomed into a full-fledged experiment. We invite you to join us in this experiment as we embark on our new path.

KArmamoi - Photos (1)


KArmamoi - Photos (1)

In 2009 Karmamoi came into contact with Crisalide Edizioni, who believed in the project from the outset and together with the band began to work towards the release that summer of a single, “VENERE”, which served as an outrider to test the responses of radio stations and the public – responses that turned out more than positive. “Venere” was broadcast by many independent stations even beyond the Alps, which led to the band taking part in the JIMI Festival de Marne in Paris.

In that same year of 2009, as well as a series of concerts in the bigger live venues of Rome, Karmamoi played in the M.e.i. festival in Faenza.

In May 2010 Karmamoi featured on the soundtrack of the short film by Paolo Budassi “Cinque Note” and began recording the tracks for their debut album – meticulous work, a continual creative process, that resulted in January 2011 in the self-titled “Karmamoi”. The album was accompanied by the video of “Vivo Desiderio” directed by Paolo Budassi.

In January 2011 the band performed in the Eurosonic showcase festival in Groningen and officially launched their first album at Rising Love, one of the most popular venues of the Rome scene. From there the real ascent of Karmamoi began, with concerts (including, memorably, at the Rome Fnac), interviews and radio appearances. In September 2011 the band had a busy schedule that took in the Supersonic Festival and Naples’s AWOP Festival.

With 2012 a new EP arrived entitled “Entre Chien et Loup”, officially launched at the Teatro Elsa Morante in Rome on May 17th 2012. “Entre Chien et Loup” is a link connecting the pop proclivities of the debut album and the rock/prog direction that the band’s work is hinting at currently. The EP includes the new single “Stesa”, which epitomizes the musical changes underway.

The band is working on new songs, due for release in the summer of 2013 in the format of a concept album: “Odd Trip”. A preview of the forthcoming and anticipated work by Karmamoi is the video of a song, “Labyrinth” – a sound-maze, an embrace of notes, instruments and melody, that makes Karmamoi one of the most intriguing new acts on the contemporary music scene. Stay tuned…

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