Eyevory fuses difference to an energetic unity. The music – supported by two excellent female lead singers – combines joyful fl ute melodies and catchy hooks with hard guitar riffs and complex instrumental arrangements. In doing so, Eyevory know no limits in terms of creativity and produce their very own individual and distinctive progressive rock.

This unique band acts out their love of music on stage, which successfully transfers to the audience. The four young musicians joined together in 2009 in Bremen, Germany. Since then they are proud of having performed a respectable amount of life shows, including a tour support for the Canadian rock band „Saga“.

Formerly known as „pinK mercury“, they changed their name into Eyevory in 2012. In 2009 and 2010 the band won the German rock & pop award („Deutscher Rock und Pop Preis“) as the best progressive band. In June 2012 they released the EP The True Bequest, amongst others produced by Frank Bornemann (Eloy) at Horus Sound Studio, Hannover, Germany. In April 2013 they will fi nally release their fi rst offi cial album Euphobia.

El Trio

El Trio

El Trio

Jonatan Piña Duluc is a composer and multinstrumentalist from the Dominican Republic. He has won the country`s most important composition competition the Premio Nacional de Música in five ocasions on three different categories: Symphonic/Choral, Chamber music and Latin Dance music. Apart from these he has interests in Jazz, Rock, Latin Troubadour, dominican folklore and everything eclectic. Influences go from Frank Zappa to Giorgy Ligueti, John Zorn, Luis dias, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Living colour, John coltrane, Slayer, Juan Luis Guerra and many  artists that you wouldn`t find in the same shelf of a record store.

El Trio`s music is a genre-bending meld of influences that combines classic rock, Jazz, Prog, Latin troubadour and Afro-Dominican Folk. Their style has been called “hard to label”,”crossover-prog”,”Rock/jazz fusion”. The band is formed by Johandy Ureña on Drums, Kilvin Peña on bass and Jonatan Piña Duluc on Guitars, Voice, saxes and composition.

El Trio has remained alive in the dominican “underground” scene since 2003, playing, recording and promoting a music that is very diferent from the country’s traditional radio and tv music, diferent from the glam-rock scene in the country`s capital wich mostly influenced by american and british pop-rock and diferent from the traditional latin jazz that is played in festivals and high-class venues. The group is  the only rock band from the city of Santiago that has remained active releasing albums and playing shows over the  years, something wich they have achieved with no more reward than the music itself.  El Trio is also is one of the few bands from the Dominican Republic that chooses to develop a style of rock that acknowledges their cultural heritage as a caribbean people.

The band has realeased three albums:

Siempre que hay un corazón, 2007
La Blanca y la Gris, 2009
Las manos, 2013

Corvus Stone

Corvus Stone

Corvus Stone

In 2012 we recorded and released our first CD. “Corvus Stone” It has 80 minutes of music on the CD and despite some saying we supplied too much music for the money, we will continue to do what we feel like doing. If we like it, it goes on the album. Also, we won’t be offering short albums any time soon.

No direction or restriction is ever placed on anything we do, it is mostly instrumental music. The result(surprisingly) is total cohesion. It is all about the music and combination of the sounds we chose. It is never about solos. It isn’t typical prog , jazz fusion, funky 70s TV music, Europorn music or Rock. It is all of those and more.

We had many guests on album 1(see list) and we will continue to invite the very best to be part of what we do in the future. In fact, Blake is fast becoming a full member of the band as we are planning on more vocals on album 2.


Celluloid Winter


Celluloid Winter is a two-man project that began nearly 3 years ago around early 2011. Inspired by a multitude of artists  such as Pink Floyd, Blackfield and NIN, Celluloid Winter’s Nate Hammer and John Garcia dabble in melodic, progressive and art rock.

Fueled by dreamlike images and stories, Celluloid Winter’s first EP is a sample of a near completed concept album. Currently pressing forward with a full album, Garcia and Hammer write, perform, record and mix everything in their home studios (mastering done by Kent Verderico at Blue Ribbon Studios).

Eager to share their music and stories, Celluloid Winter continues to work on a full-length album aiming to release it alongside corresponding imagery and videos 2014.


Between the Planets


Formed In: 2012
Hometown Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Genre: Ambient / Djent / Groove Metal / Instrumental / Progressive Metal / Technical

Band Lineup
Martin “Spacosh” Perina :: Music / Production / Recording / Programming
contact: betweentheplanets@seznam.cz




Axial Lead


We’re a bunch of guys who come from all walks of life and from opposite corners of the world.

Some of us met a long-long time ago, others joined more recently; some of us were born in Bucharest, others came here to study and seek a different life, across the oceans. In all these years we’ve always been friends, but with the dawn of December 22nd 2011, we found a name to unite us and a purpose to lead us.

The “Axial Lead” became our direction.

Because we love stories so much, a few months before that fateful day, we decided to mix all our experiences into one big culture-melting-pot of human thought and feeling. The result was a global picture of story-telling reflected in a musical style and sound that is in sync with who we are, combining musical genres ranging from jazz to djent, thrash, flamenco, power metal, latin-jazz and funk.

We keep an open mind towards new things and we love to experiment with our music. We don’t believe in recipes and we feel that each story has its own shape and sound.

We love to follow these stories and see how they unfold, being shaped not by one, but all of us at the same time. Such is the case of our first album, that we began recording in the summer of 2013. We started writing some songs that quickly became related by meaning and led us to a single narrative, building upon itself with words, drawings, ideas and schemes. The album will be out in the fall of 2013.

Follow the lead!

band foto 1

Armed Cloud

band foto 1

Armed Cloud is characterised by a powerful mixture of heavy riffage, deep grooves and powerhouse vocals with atmospheric keys on top. Their sound contains influences from symphonic and progressive rock, metal, hard rock, and pop.

Wouter van der Veen and Boris Suvee got together in 2010 to form a band named Eclipse. After various changes in line-up they were joined by Remco van der Veen on keyboards and Kevin Brandts on drums. When late summer of 2011 saw the arrival of vocalist Daan Dekker to the band they changed their name to Armed Cloud.

March 2012 was marked by the release of their first EP “Shroud of Rain”, which was recorded in De Pit Studios (Weert, NL) and produced by Hans Reinders. The band was chosen for the second round of the Dutch Exposure band competition later that year. They contributed two tracks to the “Dutch Exposure” LP, which was released in December 2012 through Freia Music.

In January 2013 Kevin announced he could no longer produce the increasing amount of time the band requested. Rico Noijen has been confirmed as the new drummer in April 2013.


Arabs in Aspic


Arabs in Aspic emerged in 1997 from Norway led by guitarist and vocalist Jostein Smeby and rythm guitarist & Theremin player, Tommy Ingebrigtsen. Since they met through their common love for 1970s heavy rock music, especially Black Sabbath, they’ve been playing together with different personnel, each playing different kinds of heavy music until Arabs in Aspic surged. The first permanent bandmembers were Eskil Nyhus and his brother, bass player Terje Nyhus.

They said goodbye to playing covers and had their first release, the EP “Progeria” on their own label ”Borse Music” in 2003. This album was only released on cd, in 500 copies at the first pressing, and 500 more for the second edition. The year after, the band was ready with Hammond organ player Magnar Krutvik, and released 1000 copies of “Far out in Aradabia” on cd, on their own label. The band was later joined by Stig Arve Jorgenson on backing vocals and Hammond organ, as Magnar changed to playing acoustic guitar and synth.

In 2006 Jostein, Eskil and Stig hooked up with bass player Erik Paulsen and formed what was briefly known as Arabs in Aspic II. The new spirit and musicianship led to some serious song writing, and numerous demos were recorded during the following years. In 2009 the band entered TNT guitarist Ronni LeTekro’s studio Nyhagen, Toten and recorded the critic awarded “Strange Frame of Mind”. The album was mixed by Kjartan Hesthagen, Arabs in Aspic and Ronni LeTekrø and finally mastered by Tommy Hansen at Jailhouse Studios, Denmark. Before the vinyl release of “Strange Frame of Mind” in 2010 (Pancromatic records) they decided to cut the “II” in the band name and go back to just Arabs in Aspic.

In 2011 Arabs in Aspic signed with Black Widow Records and re-released “Strange Frame of Mind” on cd and digital medias.

In 2012 “Progeria” and “Far out in Aradabia” were re-issued on double vinyl through Pancromatic. Later the same year, the band recorded “Pictures in a Dream” in their own studio. This session featured legendary vocalist Rune Sundby of the 70’s progressive band “Ruphus” on two songs. The album was mixed by Jostein Smeby / Arabs in Aspic and mastered by Björn Egelmann at Cutting Room, Sweden.

In 2013 this very item you are holding was released. Enjoy!


The Analogue


The Analogue was created by Music student Marc Ciufo Green as part of his Major Project at university (the project has now been awarded a first). Now 21 years old, Marc has been playing the piano from the age of 7, and is an accomplished composer and multi-instrumentalist.

The concept of The Analogue started with a very simple idea: what if a person awakened one day in a world with nobody else, and no memory? Thus The Analogue was born. The title character was conceived as an analogue for humanity, hence his name. The music on the record follows The Analogue in his travels following his awakening, whilst offering few clues about his origin and nature. Through the story, the piece explores ideas surrounding energy, from its deadly use in weapons to renewable power and it’s ultimate role in the life and death of the universe.

The Analogue was initially presented as a ‘Sound and Vision live experience’ with a live band and accompanying photographic projection. The Analogue band are planning more live shows from September.


A Devil’s Gin


A Devil’s Din are 4 men who play Rock music that, while maintaining melodic pop sensiblities, is not afraid to take it to a level that is considered psychedelic and progressive. It is a darkly intense foray of vocal hooks and fuzzed out guitar riffs; thunderous drums rolling around a deep, pulsing bass; a sonic journey that engages both body and mind.

Formed in 2008 by David Lines, a Montreal-based multi-instrumentalist and session player, A Devil’s Din has been steadiliy establishing itself as a dynamic and powerful live band in the ever-expanding sea of mind-altering rock music coming out of the city.

Currently working on their sophomore record, they have just recently released their new single “Skylight” in the digital domain, and slated for vinyl 7″ in the fall of 2013, with the full-length LP in the winter of 2014.

“One Day All This Will Be Yours”, the debut album by A Devil’s Din, was officially released in June 2011 and has been steadily growing in popularity in the underground music community. Lorraine Carpenter, then-music editor of the Montreal Mirror described it as,

“Rock ’n’ roll on the timeless precipice of psychedelic, progressive, transgressive danger. Be warned.”








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