Personal Signet on Progstravaganza compilation

Personal Signet

Raw and uniquely sounding guitars merging with strong vocal melodies accompanied by top-level musicianship of all band members. That is Personal Signet, a group of amazing instrumentalists and gifted songwriters from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Personal Signet’s music stands somewhere in between art rock and progressive metal, often being spiced up by electronic arrangements and programming.

Their first EP „Try Out“ was a result of the lead guitarist’s attempt to venture into more straightforward guitar music with melodic vocals as a contrast and alternative to his own death-metal band Scenery. The outcome exceeded the band’s expectations and the EP was very well received. Consequently, the band started touring at local clubs and venues, ranking high at domestic music contests and building their fan base.

In 2008, Personal Signet released their debut album “Badtime stories” containing ten tracks. The reviews were extremely positive describing the band as a leader of domestic progressive metal scene. The successive touring and development was unfortunately slowed down by a rising workload of the drummer who was eventually forced to temporarily move to Switzerland.

After a short break, Personal Signet are now back with a new EP Wires to prove their undeniable talent and music skills. The new material released in July 2012 has generated a great deal of positive feedback in a short time. Not only did the band secure the spot at the biggest metal festival in the Czech Republic, Masters of Rock, but the songs have also reached a solid airplay on the progressive radio station Progulus in Minnesota, USA. Promoting their critically acclaimed 2nd EP Wires, the band went on a two-month club tour in the Czech Republic. At the moment, the guys are working on new material for the second official album scheduled for spring 2014.