My musical life began way back as an eight-year-old who fell in love with the guitar after hearing the music from bands like The Shadows etc. As a teen my guitar playing evolved listening to first of all, The Beatles, then Jimi Hendrix, The Cream, and many many others. Post high school I was interested in many other forms; Blues, Progressive Rock, Classical, Jazz and all new music created as a result of these styles colliding. But to get famous was and is an utopia. But I love music, so I can’t help myself for being addicted!

I became a graphic designer and still working with the Mac for more than a decade. As a long-time (bass)guitarist I also like to write and play blues-based rock, progressive rock and make videoclips. I’m also a synthesizer aficionado. In a nutshell; when ELP and Wendy Carlos with the MOOG Synthesizer came along I wanted to play keyboards as well. In 1969, with (school)friends, I founded Bluesgroup Crusade which later on in 1971 became Progressive Rockgroup Crusade. We split up in 1974 and my fellow musicians start playing in famous dutchgroups like; Cuby & The Blizzards, Livin’ Blues, Finch and later on in The Urn, Ayreon etc. In 1980 Due to my growing interest in the facets of production, engineering, arranging and composing I started in a spare bedroom my own studio as a side business for graphics, photography and writing commercial music for audio visual media.

In 1985 I recorded with the help of musical friends my first soloproject ‘DIFFERENT PLACES, DIFFERENT FACES’, still available on iTunes and many other internet stores. The follow up ‘Trains, Plains and Automoblies’ never saw the daylight but will be finished someday.

In 1990 the original blues line-up started up again and was renamed ‘Bluesgroup Crusade+Friends’. In 2000 I left Crusade to join the Precious Time Project. After a silent period for about 25 years three members of Precious Time, John Geel, John Havermans and Reno de Bruin starts to reunite in 2000. My good old friend John Havermans (keyboards) asked me to participate in playing and recording to capture and revive their typical seventies sound. We released the first album ‘DID I EVER TELL YOU’ in 2003. In 2005 Precious Time released their second album ‘IF THE GODS KNEW’.