Bugra Sisman on Progstravaganza progressive rock compilation

Progstravaganza Questionnaire: Bugra Sisman

How did you come to do what you do?

I always have a drive to achieve more and more. I always tell myself that I can do better. Consequently this always leads me forward. So, working hard is the key.

What is your first musical memory?

When I was in 8th grade our school band had a concert. First excitement, something unforgettable.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

From the present, past and the future. Sometimes just from a melody or a chord progression.

What message does the song on our Progstravaganza compilation carry?

We’re not really having good days in Turkey. The government secures its hold in power through interfering with the freedom of the people. The song is inspired by the events of the previous year, surrounding the Gezi Park incident.

Do you tend to follow any pre-defined patterns when composing a piece?

It depends, sometimes yes and sometimes no. If the sound and the form I hear in my head has already been formed and molded then yes. However, I’ve never limited myself with thoughts of ‘I should use the a pattern or the b pattern here’ before I wrote a song.

What is your method of songwriting?

My first goal is to translate the melodies or events that I have been influenced by to stories. After the story has formed in my head, I determine the form, tempo, and the time signature of the song. Then I shape the form and melody according to the dynamics. Since I know how important the dynamic changes are to a song and to the audience, I usually shape the song according to that idea. After this task, I work on the instrumentation and that leads me to the end.

Bugra Sisman

Bugra Sisman

How do you see your music evolving?

There can be changes not just on the songs that I wrote but also the ones that i listen to. That can be your mood and focus of interest in that moment. The songs that I wrote in the past were more pessimistic and the major intervals were sparse, but now I noticed that I can find a balance between the major and the minor intervals.

What advice would you give to other musicians, trying to make inspired music and get it out in the world?

Working hard. Analyze the every song you listen to; harmony, forms, instrumentation, dynamics and even including the mix. It is fun to listen to the music you like, however if you are a composer you have to lay every song on the table and think about how it was written. I believe this is a quality that increases the composing skills. After having such experience and foundation, people will start to enjoy your music. I also think is very important to be unique, seeking for something original will always bring a positive result.

What are you looking forward to?

I believe I’m heading in the right direction towards my goals. I do have ample amount of guitar knowledge and I’m aiming to reach more students as an instructor. As well as, increasing my fan-base is one of my prominent ambitions. At the same, through my knowledge of the importance of social media, I’m aiming to promote my YouTube channel and increase my subscribers. Make sure you subscribe my channel too at: http://www.youtube.com/user/Bugrasisman

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