Astral Path

Review: Astral Path – Ashes Dancer

Astral Path is an Italian melodic death metal band with elements borrowed from Swedish death metal and progressive metal. They released their debut album this past summer titled “Ashes Dancer.” As the band members are together since 2011, it is reflected on their sound that they have been working hardly on their debut effort. Both musically, and lyrically “Ashes Dancer” has its dark side but never forgets to be melodic from the beginning to the end.

Ashes Dancer

Eugene Yu, lead vocalist has a great voice especially when it comes to clean vocals. A thick voice, ready to sing any kind of high pitched parts in a song. Which brings the album its power. Passages between growl and clean vocals are very well designed and executed. And more importantly they sound very tasty.

There are eight tracks on Ashes Dancer. Another highlight here are great and imaginative guitar solos. They are carrying the songs on a closer level to progressive metal and display the band’s influences, which range from old Opeth, Between The Buried And Me and Dark Tranquility.

It is hard to say that Astral Path bring something new to the scene, but without hesitation it can be said they brought a tasteful album, very well composed and executed. It highly satisfies the expectations from a listener.