Review: Azmaroth – Death Crowned King

Looking at the album art of a debut album from Norwegian metal outfit Azmaroth you would think that it has something to do with European Power Metal. But, that’s not the case. With “Death Crowned King,” this Oslo-based quintet serves a melodeath release that is both crushing and catchy.

Azmaroth play hook-oriented melodic death metal in the vein of commercial era In Flames with nods to Dark Tranquility and Soilwork. They also veer into a groove territory now and again. Big guitar-based hooks pop up like, and vocals that alternate between screams and growls is the biggest highlights of this record.


While individual songs fare generally well, the album as a whole shows that Azmaroth know exactly what direction they’d like to head in. That said, there’s good material throughout Death Crowned King and Azmaroth definitely know their way around some sharp hooks. The production of the album definitely deserves to be paised.

Death Crowned King is entertaining but more importantly a focused release, making for an overall interesting ride through melo-death’s Swedish district.