Deep Stare

Review: Deep Stare – Triplet EP

Czech Republic is like a treasure house for progressive metal lovers. They have a lot of great bands already. And almost constantly new great band comes to the scene. Deep Stare is one of these progressive metal bands shaped that is just starting their, hopefully, long-lasting career. This trio makes instrumental music, although one of the tracks from their recently released EP “Triplet” includes spoken-word parts.

Deep Stare - Triplet

The band was formed in 2013, and the members have been working together in other projects and bands (most notably ClayFeeders), what makes Deep Stare more experienced in the music business when you compare with other young bands. Last two years Deep Stare had a very hectic schedule. 2014 brought them lots of gigs in Germany and Czech Republic, they have gained more experience by supporting big bands and by playing plenty of concerts. In the meantime the band completed work on the debut EP, which was released in May 2015.

“Triplet” has three songs in total. First and the last pieces are completely instrumental. And they summarise what instrumental prog metal should sound like. The band rarely relies on what other influential groups have been doing for years, and they focused on creating material that stands on its own.

The first song is called “Eternal Sense,” and guitar riffs, drumming and the overall melody fit well together, although I might say that adding vocals over these instrumental parts would make it far more interesting. “Words of Wisdom’” starts with a great Gimouresque solo guitar— tasty, slow, calm, and familiar to your ears. The song keeps on in the direction of the EP itself in a proggy way after the mentioned solo.

If you are constantly looking for new bands, check out Deep Stare from Prague. They have created a release that hints that they can deliver something good in the future.