Review: KYROS – Vox Humana

The very notion of a double album should be enough to make most people giggle a little bit. There are implications of ‘concept album’ and insinuations of ‘prog-rock’ involved in that notion. Neither of these things are not cool, but they encompass exactly what “Vox Humana” is, and exactly what Kyros do.

After the release of a stunning debut album under the name Synaesthesia in 2014, which was thought-provoking as it was sonically mesmerising, the London, UK quintet have slowly been recognised as a rising force within their field of modern progressive rock, and rightly so.


The focus of the band’s attention has shifted somewhat, and although the debut was somewhat concept record, “Vox Humana” is a piece of work that is entirely based on the story that deals with meaning of being human.

Throughout of the album’s 15-track repertoire, you get epic arrangements brought to perfection which are refined through a pleasant pop filter. “Vox Humana” intersperses jangled guitars with angular complexities that might fly over some heads – repeat listens are deserved. The songs are organised so intricately that all the nuances and difficulties that might have gone into recording such an extraordinary album are totally lost in its beauty.

At the other end of the spectrum, however, sit songs which will shower the listener with jagged shards of heavy pounding; jagged shards that will bypass your vital organs and instead embed themselves within the deeper, darker echelons of your mind. Some of this album is simply unforgettable.

Kyros really do lead by example: with “Vox Humana” acting as a fantastic example of how to take inspiration from all the sub-standard facets of day-to-day goings on to create a stunning collection of songs, they’ve proved that not everything in modern life is rubbish.

“Vox Humana” is available for pre-order here. Follow Kyros on Facebook here.