Lanes Laire

Review: Lanes Laire – Resurrection of Black

Multi-instrumentalist from Arizona, Lanes Laire sets his musical direction towards progressive rock with his solo project and album “Resurrection of Black.” The influence of rock stalwarts such as Beatles, Pink Floyd and Rush are there—Lanes takes the best from this classic artists and adds up own structures, making a perfect mixture of familiar and unknown.

“Resurrection of Black” brings eight songs in total, and it runs the gamut of elements from the rock’s rich history. That variety, Lanes’ influences and experience help “Resurrection of Black” to come up as a powerful release. Overall, the sound of the album is very calm and warm, but there are parts when the tempo gets hot and it drives songs through the classic rock waters. To put it simply, Lanes’ sound can be described as progressive rock with classic rock influences. His guitar solos can also be described simple—they are great. Those guitars are adding the flavour of classic rock to his prog side, making his soloing even more striking. Especially on the closing track, “Justifiable Condemnation” Lares provides an outstanding work. Laire follows in the steps of the prime guru David Gilmour.

Lanes Laire - Resurrection of Black

There are billions of rock albums in the world. “Resurrection of Black” is one of them. It may not bring something new, but it also doesn’t try to impair the meaning of the rock music that we know. Lanes remains true to oldies and suited them well for 2015, what is not something we experience often these days. It is always nice to try something new with the vintage flavour. You gotta try it too.

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