Review: MetaQuorum – Migration

Hailing from England, MetaQuorum describe themselves as a progressive band which draws inspiration from many other stylistically different genres such funk, reggae, electronic and jazz. The project made up of Dmitry Ermakov on keyboards and Koos van der Velde on drums put out recently a new single “Migration.”

The track is entered around a spacey keyboard work by Ermakov which is threaded throughout the song. Drums, key bass and (spoken-word) vocals (latter performed by Dmitry and Carol Emrakova) play a supporting role. The band takes the classic song dynamic and flips it on its head, which is nice to hear.


MetaQuorum manage to show their influences proudly while also bringing something new and fresh to the table. Van der Velde hits the drums behind a simple repetitive vocal melody while the keyboards and effects create some lovely ambient sonic textures — a perfect example of the band’s originality.

MetaQuorum, and the “Migration” single in particular are the result of something that has a very defined and polished sound. This is a band worth keeping an eye on.