Unbreakable Wall

Review: Mosh – Unbreakable Wall

Unbreakable Wall, a debut album from Israeli singer-songwriter Mosh Werner aka MOSH, arrives like some horseman from the dusty past. His news is blunt, if not apocalyptic, with warnings that the future promises. His chaps are stained with blood shed during the Civil War, and the trail he’s followed from then until now runs before melting into a road without end that winds back toward where our memories began.

Werner lays all this out with help from some impressive players, toning down the fireworks and creating evocative settings through the most minimal gestures — a slow-motion guitar arpeggio, a keening fiddle, a note here or there to complement Mosh’s relaxed delivery. It’s significant, perhaps, that the album opens with “Keep on Moving,” a reminding ode to everyone that’s been stuck in place, and ends with “A Long Way from You,” which is both pessimistic and optimistic piece.

From music through message, Unbreakable Wall just about gets it right.