Review: Oak – Lighthouse

The music of Oak is mainly inspired by the early albums of Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, and Sigur Rós. Although I hardly hear other influences or a small change in style on the band’s debut album, the small herd of fans of the band enjoy the sound of Oak over and over again. Maybe I suffer from the same disease because I cherish everything they have done on “Lighthouse.” Sigbjørn Reiakvam, Øystein Sootholtet, Simen Valldal Johannessen and Ole Michael Bjørndal present nothing new that could be considered to be innovative let alone shocking or groundbreaking.

Oak - Lighthouse

However, I guess musicians don’t have to be groundbreaking as long as an album contains beautiful music, even if one already knows what kind of music one can expect. Well, I’m not going to tell you what you can expect on Lighthouse. As I mentioned before there’s nothing new under the sun, so people who are familiar with Oak know what is to be expected; they can buy this album without listening to it first. They know that beautiful guitar passages and mellow keyboard parts are all over the place!

Lighthouse is highly recommended to everyone who looks for a melancholic music that bites and is infectious.

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