Review: X-Panda – Reflections

X-Panda is an Estonian progressive metal band that has just released their new, sophomore album titled “Reflections.”It has nine songs in total, and comes with a ery powerful, symphonic-oriented sound, courtesy of the Tartu University Symphonic Orchestra and E Studio Youth Choir.

X-Panda - Reflections

Calling “Reflections” a progressive metal album would definitely do harm to it. The keyboards and guitars are carrying the record on its shoulders  flirting often with heavy and power metal, and even jazz fusion. The influences of power metal are most notable in the keyboard and vocal departments. The jazz fusion side is on a display with “On the Way,” an instrumental that definitely doesn’t feel like an alien here. Speaking of vocals, singer Tamar Nugis is classically trained vocalist who has a really gorgeous and powerful voice.

On “Reflections” smell various influences, but as one of the most prominent is the band’s reminiscence of Kamelot. Vocals, symphonic arranements, keys and guitars, come to support this statement.

2016 has brought plenty of great progressive metal records. But X-Panda took care of bringing a record that is a bit different and for that Reflections is unique.