Road Not Taken on Progstravaganza progressive rock compilation

Road Not Taken

Road Not Taken was founded in 2011 by guitarist and singer Chris Weinhardt and drummer Benjamin Lindner in Eichwalde, Germany (a small city close to Berlin). Playing together for over 10 years in several bands of various genres it was easy to close to line-up with bass player Florian Valentin and the second vocalist Nico Hentschel.

The music consists of many different parts and has more than once been described as soundtrack-esque by listeners. A mixture between classic Metal and fast modern Progressive styles is essential in almost every song. Odd time instrumental parts intertwine with catchy vocal lines and melodies.

Road Not Taken performed in various German cities as well as in Prague for a special metal show case. The debut album “From Now On To Nowhere” was released in 2013 and will be succeeded by the follow-up EP “The Broken Clock” in spring 2014. The EP contains a more diverse vocal range with the addition of growls and screaming.