Rubik 1138 on Prog Sphere's Progstravaganza progressive rock compilation

Rubik 1138

Rubik 1138 is a progressive instrumental rock band formed in 2008. Originally from Metepec, México, Rubik 1138 takes its name from the Rubik cube, but with the inverse goal: instead of making six plain color faces (in this case, music), the idea is to combine the colors in every face infinitely. The number 1138 comes from the George Lucas’ film THX1138. The music travels from classic rock, to jazz, nourished with glances of funk, metal, soul, surf and electronic music. The band’s live shows are accompanied by real time video projection and lightning.

The band members impersonate as surreal characters by wearing a mask, giving more space to the audiovisual theme of the shows.

Their first album was released on January 2011, and this 2014 the second album, KAFKATIK, is going to be released during the summer.