Septa on Prog Sphere's Progstravaganza progressive rock compilation


Septa is a four-piece alternative rock band from Odessa, Ukraine. Band was formed back in 2006, the founding members were Eugene Tymchyk and Alexander Kostuchenko. Then after long hiatus Septa surfaced again in 2010 with an addition of Alexey Sulima and Alexander Bezusov. Humbly considering themselves as ‘alternative rock’ they constantly endure their music with experiments, influenced by other genres, such as post-hardcore, noise rock and trip hop.

In 2013 band released their debut album title ‘The Lover’, record was mixed by industry legend Matt Bayles who produced genre-defining albums by Norma Jean, Isis, Mastodon and Russian Circles and mastered by Chris Common of These Arms Are Snakes fame. ‘The Lover’ gathered many positive reviews by the critics and got band nationally acclaimed in Ukraine. As for now Septa is preparing to record its follow-up.