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The TerraZAR on Prog Sphere's Progstravaganza progressive rock compilation

The TerraZAR

The TerraZAR is a 3 piece Prog Funk band from South Africa. At the heart of the band is the rhythm section of Clint Falconer and Andy Maritz. Clint and Andy know each other from session work for some of SA’s top musicians. Andy and Clint got the idea to do something a bit different from what they normally do, mess around with some odd meters and use some of the crazy jazz harmony Clint had learnt about while studying jazz. While they were busy laying down the drum parts for there EP “All Hail The Bunny” they decided on Gert Rautenbach on Guitar, Clint knew Gert from there days studying jazz and knew he’s oblique phrasing, love of outside playing and use of crazy effects made Gert the perfect guitarist for the TerraZAR. The band proceeded to finish there EP and started gigging and refining there sound. The TerraZARs sound can be described as “wicked Prog funk grooves covered with rich lush harmony set against dark ambient improvised sections” .

The TerraZAR is a band who like to push the boundaries of music and with this is mind they planning on recording two full length albums this year. The first is going to be a heavier cd based on the Anime “Ghost In A Shell”. With a lot more odd meters and use of synthetic scales ect. The second is going to be a fully improvised ambient album with the use of “graphic notation” charts as used by people such as John Cage, the theme of the second album will be Phsycopomps.





Benjamin Lechuga

Benjamin Lechuga is an international guitarist/composer/sessionist. Ibanez guitars and ENGL Amps endoresed, chosen by Steve Vai as the “Steve Vai Scholarship” winner.

Originally from Chile, now settled in London, his discography includes 4 albums and 2 live DVD’s with his prog-metal band DELTA and a solo album. Continue reading