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Dinosaurs Are Not Gone on the Progstravaganza compilation

Progstravaganza Questionnaire: Dinosaurs Are Not Gone!

Dave was once in a metalcore band. Dave wanted to write metalcore songs for the band to play. The band did not like Dave’s compositions. Dave decided to leave the band and create a new one where his compositions would be played. This story happened in the 2013-2014 winter, and, along with his new bandmates Jérémie, Bruno, and Alexis, worked to record the album and play some live shows!

Dave also answered Progstravaganza Questionnaire.

How did you come to do what you do?

Music? I personally came to do music when I was about 16, and was introduced to Dream Theater. From now I knew music wasn’t just something passive, and that it actually took serious skillls to do music (well, do interesting music). Then I took on the bass guitar because it was the least busy one in music class. From there on, I started to learn mostly by myself, with the help of tablatures of easy Dream Theater songs that could be played on 4-string bass. I kept working hard, and here we are today! Writing music, and playing my own stuff! That’s really cool!

What is your first musical memory?

The Glass Prison, by Dream Theater. It’s still a hell.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

From the music I listen to, and that depends on the moment. I do not draw direct inspiration, like I don’t usually say ‘’I want to sound like this, or that’’, but obviously, what you listen to in the moment shows in what you write musically.

What message does the song on our Progstravaganza compilation carry?

‘’Spino’ is a song about the current economical (and political) system we’re in, and it’s a mostly worldwide phenomenon, unfortunately. It’s a song about standing up strong against your leaders, and seeing through the lies they speak to you constantly. It’s about family values over consumerism and the worship of money. Yeah you could say we’re an ‘’engaged’’ band.

Do you tend to follow any pre-defined patterns when composing a piece?

With Dinosaurs Are Not Gone!, I went for a metalcore sound, but knowing myself, I knew I had to throw in a few progressive metal elements. So, when I write a song, I keep in mind that I’m writing metalcore, then think about what I could add to it : electro/dance, jazz elements, weird instruments, long songs, etc.

What is your method of songwriting?

I open up Guitar Pro and writes in what comes out of my head. I write the guitars, the bass, and the drums. The vocal lines and lyrics are written by our singer Alexis. After writing a song, I learn it, kind of like how Behold… The Arctopus write their songs.

How do you see your music evolving?

Adding more external elements to it! Right now, we’re working on a new single that will completely blend metalcore with jazz, or so we hope! By not only putting a jazz break somewhere random in the song, but by writing metalcore riffs onto jazzy chord progressions, and working with those to blend everything together. I think that’s a way that has not been explored a lot in the metalcore area.

What advice would you give to other musicians, trying to make inspired music and get it out in the world?

Grab Guitar Pro (that’s been the most useful software to me), and write anything that comes into your mind. At first, it will suck, but just keep writing songs whenever you feel the urge to write something. As time passes by, your skills at writing what you have in mind will get better up to a point where you will judge your music to be worth getting out in the world! At least, that’s how it went for me. I’m aware this method might not be the best for everyone! Check out what the other bands had to say to this question and maybe you’ll find your perfect answer.

What are you looking forward to?

A lot of great music is coming out this summer! I’m thinking about Amogh Symphony’s third album Vectorscan, which will set the world on fire and throw the Earth out of orbit, and Peculate’s umpteenth album The Chain Industry, which is some of his best work yet! As for me, I’m excited to release new music with Dinosaurs Are Not Gone!, and I also played bass on Awaken The Ghosts’s first album (melodic progressive metalcore), but I’m most excited to release another project I wrote called Omega Cluster. This one features a hell of a line-up of musicians (Vishal Singh of Amogh Symphony, and the singers of Look Right Penny, Car Bomb, The Odious, and Unbodied, to name a few!) When that thing’s ready, you’ll know about it! TL;DR : Looking good!

Do you think that Progstravaganza compilation series is good way to showcase the potential of many unheard bands on the already overcrowded scene?

Yes, no publicity is bad publicity! Thanks for doing that great thing, and keep working hard for small bands!



Prog Sphere is compiling the first physical (CD) Progstravaganza progressive rock & metal compilation. Interested acts can get in touch at info@prog-sphere.com