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Interview with CYRANOI

Finnish melodic metalcore duo Cyranoi put out their new EP “Exist” in February. Tomi Pohja, who handles guitars and programming, answered our questions about the recording and more.

How is the weather up there these days?

Well it’s getting warmer every day now so if we’re lucky, we might even get to enjoy the summer!

What does the band name mean?

It comes from a english word ”cyrano” which means someone who speaks someone else’s thoughts via radio and mic for example. With this I want to remind everyone to think for themselves and not to believe everything they are told. I also wanted to bend the word little while maintaining a meaning behind it, hence ”Cyranoi”.

What can you tell us about your EP “Exist”?

It was truly a pleasure to wok on. Almost all of the guitar compositions were done on our summer cottage last summer. I wanted to come up with the name for the EP first and when I did, it was an avalanche of ideas from there. Having a clear vision of the EPs name, album art and number of songs was a huge help to find the right place for every idea.

I told Joona about my ideas and what kind of theme ”Exist” and each song would have so that he could come up with lyrics giving the meaning to it all. He had actually written lyrics of ”Abiogenesis” before I even told him about the themes of ”Exist” and we decided to use them with slight changes. All lyrics can be found on our Bandcamp and YouTube pages, so if you’re interested, give them a look!

You have a very interesting approach to the metalcore genre by putting tons of melodies in it. Can you elaborate on your creative process?

This might be, and it is, a matter of taste but for me those melodies are the soul of the song and something to easily remember. I think with harsh vocals it’s even more important to bring those melodies into songs and I have noticed that not too many other metalcore bands uses the same style of lead melodies that I do with Cyranoi so it’s also a great way to try and find our own trademark.

Cyranoi - Exist

You say making music was always what you dreamt. Are you satisfied with how your EP’s turned out?

I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t satisfied with them but there’s always something that you can do better. It’s also good to look back and think how I could make this better next time in order to actually progress. And yes, five years ago I could only have dreamed of this!

When you compare your debut EP “Challenger Deep” with “Exist,” do you hear a progress in your sound?

Both EPs were composed and released in so short time that there probably isn’t any major changes audible in our sound but of course our goal with ”Exist” was to take it to the next level. Wheter or not we succeeded, I leave it up to you to decide! However, we want to take our time with the next release so I think that whenever it’s going to happen, I hope that there’s progress that you can definately hear.

You say that “music has given me a new purpose in life”. I would love you open up about this a little bit, so we would get to know you more.

As cliche as it sounds, I think it’s true. Music has been maybe the most important thing in my life since junior high school and being able to compose and release my own music is really something that gives me a purpose as I don’t have much going on besides the studies at the university. Listening to these two EPs is one thing but seeing that other people enjoy them as well is the best reward we can get.

Drums on your EP are programmed. Was it planned like that since the beginning or you couldn’t find a drummer that would answer your challenge?

It was the plan since the beginning and still is. I had learnt the basics before founding Cyranoi so I didn’t have to start from a scratch. It’s also a thing that I want to get better at and even though it doesn’t require actual skills, it’s still a new area from a viewpoint of guitarist. However, I’m not excluding the idea of finding a permanent drummer or someone to record real drums at studio.


Which bands or musicians influence you at the most?

I have always adored the songwriting and playing of JB Brubaker from August Burns Red. Also Jesse Cash from Erra has made a great impact on my musical taste. There’s so many other bands and musicians I’d love to mention but I think these two summarizes pretty well my musical influences.

Thank you for the interview!

Get a copy of “Exist” from Bandcamp, and follow Cyranoi on Facebook.