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Fabio Zuffanti

Fabio Zuffanti is is a renowned bassist and composer from Genoa, Italy.

Zuffanti started his musical career in 1994. Since that time, he has been involved in the making of over 40 records as a solo artist, a collaborator and leader of numerous celebrated projects (such as Finisterre, Maschera Di Cera, Höstsonaten, Rohmer, laZona, Aries. and others). He has composed and performed in a multitude of cascading genres — with prog rock, post rock, folk, pop, electronic, psychedelic and experimental being of primary focus. Continue reading


Il Rumore Bianco

“Il Rumore Bianco” was born in summer 2012 thanks to Thomas (keyboard, voice), Michele (guitar, sax) and Alessandro (bass guitar) who, being together in a previous band (Side C), wanted to go further to search for new sounds, more complex and researched. So they met Federico (guitar), Eddy (lead voice) and Umberto (drums). Their main referring genre is the progressive rock of the seventies, but thanks to the versatility of the band they’re able to mix it with jazz, electronic, ambient and experimentation.

In May 2013 they started working on their first EP, which was released on November, 23rd 2013 and which is called “Mediocrazia”.




Yuval Ron & Residents of the Future

Yuval Ron & Residents of the Future

Yuval Ron & Residents Of The Future perform original tunes written and arranged by guitarist and band founder Yuval Ron. The music reveals influences of modern jazz icons, and a mixture of many other contemporary artists from the progressive rock, fusion and metal genres. The music places a constant emphasis on harmonic richness, rhythmical sophistication, dialogue between the players and an extensive use of synthesizers, laptops and other electronic instruments. Yuval Ron & Residents Of The Future are based in Berlin, Germany, bringing together four internationally rising talents from the next generation of electric Jazz. Continue reading



Rock/metal band from Bratislava, Slovakia, formed in 2004. All the members are more or less involved in other musical activities,which is the main reason why studio releases and live performances of the band have been occasional. However, after the 2006 debut release, power metal driven “Over the Drowning Water” Castaway launched their second effort “Choices & Patterns” in October 2013. Continue reading


Fusion Orchestra 2

FUSION ORCHESTRA 2 is the second incarnation of critically acclaimed progressive rock band Fusion Orchestra, whose EMI album Skeleton In Armouris still much sought after in its original vinyl form.*

Fusion Orchestra built a strong and dedicated following mostly thanks to the band’s musicianship, ambitious musical works and exciting stage act. The fact that they toured constantly and gigged throughout the length and breadth of the country carried their music to a huge audience during almost six years the band was together.

The music of Fusion Orchestra 2, which was co-formed by original Fusion Orchestra guitarist and founder member Colin Dawson, and keyboard player Ben Bell, incorporates elements of rock, jazz and many other styles.

Col and Ben spent a great deal of time finding the right vocalist and rhythm section to do justice to the original material and bring fresh creative flair to the mix, and are happy to have the remarkable Elsie Lovelock on lead vocal, Shemeck Fraczek on basses, and Seex Dyer on drums.

Launching from the critically acclaimed material of the EMI album Skeleton In Armour, the band’s 2013 release Casting Shadows continues the tradition of rock that is progressive without being pretentious; Casting Shadows features epic, multi-part compositions with soaring vocals, complex musical interplay, and even a dash of lunacy.

*Skeleton In Armourwas re-released by EMI in 2009 for digital download and is available from online music retailers such as iTunes and Amazon.




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Using a method entirely of their own conception, Oneironaut takes bits and pieces of musical histories past to create a new sound that is best described as a complex type of loop-centric rhythm based ambient music. “Occult Fascination” has a plethora of instruments used, from electric guitars to 4-string Irish tenor banjo and also includes a wide range of genre influenced riffs, from Progressive and Death Metal to Jazz, Bluegrass, Funk, and Folk; illustrating Oneironaut’s unique playing style and exceptional musicianship.



Obsidian Key

Obsidian Key is a progressive rock metal music band project that was formed in Brighton, UK during January 2010 by guitarist Sonic V.

Obsidian Key music style is Progressive Rock (but a better definition would be “free rock”) with a wide range of sonorities that goes from heavy metal tracks till almost pop ballads with sophisticated time signatures and elegant melodies enriched by interesting and deep lyrics. Continue reading

Dying Passion on Progstravaganza compilation

Dying Passion

Dying passion’s identification sign is the alto of the singer Zuzana Jelinkova and the combination of melodious procedures, pressing guitars and penetrating keys. The musicians on their fifth album “Absorb” erased a little of optimism and added psychedelic. “Zuzka made her best, we had never see her submerged into the production and harassed” the group says…






The Mad Drummer

The Mad Drummer is the low-budget (musicians are poor bro) solo project of Cape Town based drummer Mandisi Nkomo. Given the harsh nature of the South African live music scene, the slight oddness of the music, and minor Omar Rodriguez-Lopez syndrome (the idiotically insane need to be in control of everything), Mandisi decided to go the Trent Reznor route: releasing some music before actually forming a fully-fledged ‘live’ band. Continue reading