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Obsidian Key

Obsidian Key is a progressive rock metal music band project that was formed in Brighton, UK during January 2010 by guitarist Sonic V.

Obsidian Key music style is Progressive Rock (but a better definition would be “free rock”) with a wide range of sonorities that goes from heavy metal tracks till almost pop ballads with sophisticated time signatures and elegant melodies enriched by interesting and deep lyrics. Continue reading

Dying Passion on Progstravaganza compilation

Dying Passion

Dying passion’s identification sign is the alto of the singer Zuzana Jelinkova and the combination of melodious procedures, pressing guitars and penetrating keys. The musicians on their fifth album “Absorb” erased a little of optimism and added psychedelic. “Zuzka made her best, we had never see her submerged into the production and harassed” the group says…






The Mad Drummer

The Mad Drummer is the low-budget (musicians are poor bro) solo project of Cape Town based drummer Mandisi Nkomo. Given the harsh nature of the South African live music scene, the slight oddness of the music, and minor Omar Rodriguez-Lopez syndrome (the idiotically insane need to be in control of everything), Mandisi decided to go the Trent Reznor route: releasing some music before actually forming a fully-fledged ‘live’ band. Continue reading


Luna Achiary

Luna Achiary (born 24 September 1989) is an Italian-French musician, singer and songwriter.

Her musical knowledge derives from her mother, a jazz singer and vocal coach, and her father, a tenor. Thanks to this musical training and background, also from following her parents in touch with stages and recording studios all the time, Luna has developed an attuned ear since extremely young age, which allows her to write in a unique and honest style. She writes mainly on guitar and piano, playing other instruments as and where required. Continue reading


Seconds Before Landing

Seconds Before Landing, the ambient rock collective formed by composer and musician John Crispino, has released his first full-length album. The 14-track concept album, entitled The Great Deception, features original music from Crispino, as well as a number of guest talents from notable musical followings. Continue reading

Vermilion group


Vermilion was formed in 2009 when guitarist Timmy Segers and keyboardist Michael Penson met and discovered they shared an interest in progressive music, mainly Dream Theater, Meshuggah,… Drummer Tom Vansteenkiste soon answered an ad for an extra bandmember and Stef Exelmans joined on bass soon afterward. The band has since gone through a long evolution (mainly, becoming an instrumental band and recruiting a new member on bass, Tom Everaert) but is now here to present its music to you. They released their first EP in october 2012. Vermilion plays a unique brand of instrumental progressive metal/djent that incorporates odd time signatures and a wide range of influences including jazz and fusion.





The Fierce and the Dead

The Fierce and the Dead

The Fierce And The Dead was originally born out of sonic experimentation when making Matt’s second solo album, Ghost, and they’ve developed into one of the most original bands in the UK rock scene. Their unique brand of instrumental rock music, fusing rock, post-rock, punk and progressive elements, has made a huge impression through one full-length album and two Eps, as have their incendiary live performances, most recently as part of the Stabbing A Dead Horse tour of the UK with Knifeworld and Trojan Horse. Continue reading



Shineback the highly anticipated new project from Tinyfish frontman Simon Godfrey. Following on from Tinyfish’s 2010 album The Big Red Spark, the project explores elements of cinematic music, electronica and rock which seeks to exemplify the true nature of what it means to be a progressive musician in the 21st century. Continue reading



“What happens when you combine the sounds of modern Progressive Rock with the Synth-driven styles of alternative rock?” Synaesthesia.

Taking the best parts of traditional Prog and bringing it most definitely into the 21st century, with a keen sense of melody and memorable, catchy riffs as well as plenty of experimentation. Continue reading