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Fuseboxx on Progstravaganza progressive rock & metal compilation


Formed in 2001, their existence can very well be said to be the catalyst and inspiration which opened the doors to progressive music in the Philippines. They received widespread acclaim for their musical-precision and technical proficiency. This, especially so for their ability to meld and incorporate Filipino sentimentality with the different musical elements from a vast array of genres (rock, fusion, pop, classical, new age, metal, alternative, etc.) in order to create cohesive and thematic materials—indeed, arranging their music into movements that convey a compelling musical message.

Inspired by the likes of Rush, King Crimson, and other prog-rock dramatists, Fuseboxx’s songs have got some serious delivery of striking guitar/synth solos, choral and orchestral penetration, cascading notes, meditative and groovy drumming. This strip-away balance has poised them to go experimental, not limiting them to voyage on a broader musical scope. Yes, they’re not prog-rock purists. And progressive rock is not really about being mean and being conforming, as it is more on discipline and technique. It could go along from funky to glam, from punchy to just merely trite.

In 2013, they were featured on Classic Rock Presents: Prog, an international magazine published monthly in the United Kingdom that features progressive artists and bands from all over. This marks the second time that Fuseboxx is featured in the illustrious magazine (Issue #38) which has also featured progressive music giants Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) and Mike Portnoy (formerly of Dream Theater). The story, written by Natasha Scharf, was printed in the magazine’s Limelight section, which is reserved for prog bands considered new blood. It speaks of Fuseboxx as a progressive band with a clear mission. Fuseboxx was first featured in Classic Rock Presents: Prog’s 34th issue, in the same year, where the catchy cut No Glory from their Sophomore album ANIMATED, was also included in the magazine’s limited-edition CD compilation Prog Unsigned.

Considered as one of the strongest local live acts in the Philippines, they leave any rock fan, musician or musical critic breathless with their ability to constantly amaze the audience—as much because of their complex arrangements and musical dexterity as the apparent passion each member puts into the creation and performance of their music.