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The mad man is the happiest one but he frightens the right-minded world”

ifsounds are the images of our dreams and our nightmares. Music is just the shape we give to our stories, our hopes and our fears.

The ifsounds project brings together the talents of a group of musicians, all very different from each other, whose idea is to create a sound that is able to express an emotion, to describe a state of mind, to recount a story, to make a journey into the realms of inner consciousness.

The aim of ifsounds is to reproduce not only the world around us, but above all the world inside us, because each of us is the author of his own reality and his own existence.


lwr 2


What might happen if five brutally different characters and musical backgrounds meet up to start a musical project? Maybe a complete mess…or maybe something very interesting: LoreWeaveR is the result of this strange crossroad.

After many different musical experiences, LoreWeaveR started as a band in 2008 when Barbara Rubin joined on vocals to write and recordthe first work, “Imperviae Auditiones” out in 2001 on SG Records. “Imperviae Auditiones” is a collection of 8 progressive metal influenced tracks that have been described as “an album that contains sounds that I have never heard before”. This work had
and still have got a lot of airplay in UK and USA in the indie radio/web radio circuit and this gave the band the opportunity to be invited to play at the Fused Festival 2011 in Lidney UK and furthermore at the Cambridge Rock Festival 2013. The band also gigs in Switzerland, Germany and their homeland Italy.

In 2012 the band start a collaboration with JBM events for the Netherland
and Belgium area. The brand new album, entitled “Italic”, is more focused on the “progressive” and imaginative approach to music. Been written in 2012 and recorded between 2012 and 2013, the new album will be also presented partially at the Cambridge Rock Festival later this year.

The band believes music is the most powerful way to create images and tell stories and “Italic” is a bit of every memeber’s own stories put down in music.




When a group gives their band a name, hence  to specific genre, it’s never at random. And even when it comes out as part of some sort  of “internal vote”, it hides the unconscious reasons that will carry on dreams – and goals – that will give life to various components.

Pandora resorts to mythology, as it often happens with to those who refers to progressive music, that is, to that genre of music that peaked at the turn of the 60’s and 70s, and subsequently decreased in number of enthusiasts, and today was once again on the increase although just within the genre’s group followers. But the link between the „now“ and  „then“ highlights certain analogies, certain similarities, which shorten timeframe and turn fresh concepts and ideas passed down through books, and often used by the people in the form metaphors.

In Greek mythology, the opening of the box given as gift from Zeus to Pandora caused a spill to the entire world’s evil, but initially, hopes remains on the bottom, bringing back life, which became an essential element, just as today, to face daily life. Inside Pandora’s box though, there’s another kind of hope. Hearty and contagious, because it joins together the idea of what quality music is for the group and their fans: to bring back the satisfaction and continuous appreciation of a musical genre which has grown out to infinite dimensions, as with classical music, jazz, and blues. Pandora creates music by merging the arts, combining talents in history and in experience, by engaging and sharing every single step of the way, presenting one with a layered-complex music product, but not self-congratulatory.

Donato Zoppo recently described them as follows:

“The constant theme seen in Pandora’s writing is that of a dream: a cultivated dream, cradled, guarded to act as a launching pad to improve reality. A dream that becomes music,  that becomes a colorful “no man’s land” in which, unlike Pandora’s Box, no worldly evil lurks out but instead out comes the idea of a peaceful coexistence between musical genres,  between themes, moods, memories and plans.

While proudly stating that they belong to the Progressive Rock world and to the stainless “Psychedelic-Symphonic” style, Pandora are diehard fans and creators of good music: with no labels, no categories, no limits.

Pandora were born in September 2005 but are the arriving point of an old, touching love: that which extremely binds a father and a son, that find in their belonging within Progressive’s  music a transgenerational common language, a shared hope. Claudio Colombo, multi-instrumentalist and drummer, is the son of Beppe, a musician of long experience: The Colombo’s are voracious listeners of excellent Rock music from the Seventies and choose to start together a new musical journey. Alongside the excellent keyboardist  Corrado Grappeggia, they launch a musical project based on their love of Seventies’  Progressive Rock, inspired by Genesis, Emerson Lake and Palmer, PFM, New Trolls, Gentle Giant, and Le Orme, though aimed toward a newer sound, thanks to Claudio’s love for Dream Theater.  In Pandora one can find not just the passion for the genre but also their desire to give it their own interpretation, bringing forward new compositions: this is how the first songs that gave free play toward fantasy, toward researched sounds and melodies, toward lyrical  vision, mythology and Fantasy were born.

The secret’s in the different experiences and extractions of the three components: Beppe’s large experience as listener and musician, Corrado’s musical culture, and Claudio’s talent (a rare example of a young multi-instrumentalist and graphic designer).  The trio is the basic element that makes up Pandora, which from time to time welcomes the contribution of different musicians with the purpose of producing great compositions.

The Piedmontese band undertakes a live event that included acoustic performances. And it was thanks to the popularity gathered of said live event that in 2008 Pandora find the approval of the prestigious record label AMS-BTF, specialized in Progressive Rock and noted globally for their publications.

In that same period, the group signs a contract deal with BTF and finds guitarist Christian Dimasi. It was a moment of gold for Pandora: with the signing of the contract  and Christian Dimasi’s admission to the group follows the release of their long-awaited album debut. Dramma di un Poeta Ubriaco: the perfect one-way ticket to meet Pandora, is a first listen into the start of their journey, with original compositions and versatile sound, Progressive by definition. Pandora’s Symphonic Rock calls strongly on the traditional Symphonic Rock of the ’70s, sung in Italian and ranges between harder sounds, acoustic pauses, hard and jazzy moods, and between great enigmatic and Fantasy frescoes. Between past and future, between great care toward a beloved and exciting Art Rock heritage and the need to dare and to aim at the sound’s modernization, Dramma di un Poeta Ubriaco gathers flattering reviews by both the Italian and international press.

Invigorated by the public success and critiques, Pandora quickly targeted at a second album that could confirm the excellence of the original intuitions and release an innovative project for Italian Progressive Rock. That Italian Progressive Rock so loved overseas – from the United States to Japan, from Europe to South America – today finds a favorable rebirth and Pandora are the leaders of a renewed Italian-flagged movement.

Before the new album, the band held some concerts with fellow Italian bands such as Ubi Maior, but also  with prestigious foreign names like Poland’s Riverside. Once done with the recording of the second album, Dimasi left the band, which meant the group went back to its origins as a trio. A new collaboration  however takes place: that of artist Emoni Viruet, who executes some wonderful paintings that stimulate  the group’s new musical compositions. Like any self-respecting Progressive band, Pandora also pays special attention to the evocative power of their sound, to the strong creative visuals of the  compositions: the talent of the young painter of Puerto Rico is another added element to the band’s  already-noted polychromatic force. The completion of the album’s new cover art is immediate and for  the other paintings that represent each songof the album.

Back as a trio and lead by an always more decided and inspired Claudio Colombo, Pandora release their  highly anticipated second album on January 15th, 2011: once again labeled BTF, with Sempre e Ovunque  Oltre il Sogno. An album that explores what was presented by the group’s debut and offers the Prog trio new perspectives: hard and evocative, exciting and dynamic, open in the same way towards acoustic  and hard sounds, Pandora’s new sound is among the most intriguing Art Rock in Europe.”

The second album brings home great satisfaction, and “Sempre e Ovunque Oltre il Sogno” reaches in 21st place in the top 100 CD prog of 2011 in U.S. Radio program “Global Progressive Rock Network”. On the wave of excitement Pandora is back to work and made “Alibi Filosofico”, officially released on september 23rd, 2013. The band has, once again, joined forces with Matthias Scheller’s AMS-BTF. Their tight bond has allowed them to continue on with their musical journey, which started many years back.

Alibi Filosofico was carried out in new recording studios Pandora-music and was recorded, mixed and edited entirely by Claudio Colombo, taking about seven months time to complete. One particularly important feature in the album is its important special guests: David Jackson, Arjen A. Lucassen and Dino Fiore, while Emoni Viruet, gaining ever-growing experience within the band, gives a great vocal contribution, in addition to her on art work .

And may the dream carry on…




Foolsbane is a progressive rock band based out of the great state of Idaho. Since 2003, they have continued to push the boundaries of story-telling and song craft. Combining deep lyrical themes and lush, complicated arrangements, Foolsbane’s music borders on the cinematic. Their uncompromising approach has continued to yield rewarding results, both in the studio and on-stage. Moving forward, Foolsbane looks forward to taking their brand of melodic rock to the next level and sharing their music with the world.

Foolsbane is:
David Chambers – vocals, keyboards, and percussion
Tracey Emery – guitars, keyboards, and back-up vocals
Jason Ramsey – guitars and back-up vocals
Chris Wiersema – bass and back-up vocals
Shane Hall – drums and back-up vocals



Acid Death

They were characterized by many as the most subversive, controversial and “heretical” Death Metal band that took the Greek scene until 2001. Recordings for them began when the word “discography” sounded very new to the Greek underground. Received numerous enthusiastic reviews from world press and a host of opponent arrows especially in their own home country.

ACID DEATH, one of the oldest Greek bands that have been active for 12 years, from 1989 to 2001, started from classic Thrash Metal and ended up being the sole representatives (for many at a European level) of Progressive Death Metal up until their disband. Now they are making their comeback! Having the assets of an EP, a split LP, two full length CDs and countless live appearances at times where live gigs where worth their weight in gold, they played along with bands such as KREATOR, THE HAUNTED, IMPALED NAZARENE, CHILDREN OF BODOM, MAYHEM, ROTTING CHRIST, they have come full cycle and the years that followed only strengthened their name… Their members were found in other bands of the scene, giving good examples. The “Total Recall” of 2011, almost 10 years after their disband, finds them with a revamped lineup, endless inspiration and above all the mood for a lot of hard work. The band has signed a deal with the Austrian label NOISEHEAD records and its brand new full length CD, 5th official release and 1st after its reunion,called “Eidolon”, is out since June 1st 2012…


Castillion promo pic


Swedish progressive metal band Castillion was formed in 2002 by Ulf Sörman, Robert Örnesved, Johannes Berg and Magnus Stenberg.

The band has recorded one three-track demo and one full-length demo album prior to today.

The third album Pieces of a Shattered Me takes Castillion in a slightly new direction, with heavier and progressive elements added to their melodic power metal.

It was recorded at Studio Seven i Örebro by Ronny Milianowicz (Saint Deamon, ex-Sinergy, ex-Dionysus) and Andreas “Toya” Johansson (Saint Deamon), mixed by Ronny Milianowicz and mastered by Jens Bogren (Katatonia, Hammerfall, Pain of Salvation, Opeth).


Master Experience

Master Experience

“The” Master Experience is a musical experience, a travel, a growth all together, started by five young guys in 1994. The style is influenced by Progressive Rock, Heavy Metal and by electronic sound. Master Experience most important feature is the architecture of songs, completely written in studio, during jam sessions. The creation of the songs goes on following a strema of consciousness, an interior monologue without any fixed constraints, except the structural and emotional ones. Lyrics and emotions are the engine of the songs, the logos. The colorimetrical hues are defined by the research of a decaying sound and by the continuous deconstruction of the classical metric pattern. However the melody is always present. The central themes of the concept are repeated but always in a different form. This is the teaching experience, the experience of the master. Like in the opera of S. T. Coleridge, at the end of path, the wedding guest ,who is listening to the Ancient Mariner, becomes a sad and wiser man.



Sophie’s Earthquake

After four years of intense jamming, the trio consisting of Janosch, Mitja and Magnus was born…

Heavy, hypnotic riffs, colorful soundscapes, a lot of dynamic and variety copulate  with a characteristic sound – somewhere between the past, the present and the future. The material shifts from mystic, oriental, melodic to even bluesy tones. At times, the “conventional” roles of bass and guitar get stirred up and thus create new vibes.

The band´s debut EP, released in June 2013, has been produced by themselves (recording & mixing). Currently, new songs are being written to appear on the first album in 2014.



Suns of the Morning Star

SOTMS is a blackened progressive sludge metal band hailing from the greater South Florida area. As a band, they have been making music together since 2011, but have ultimately been playing heavy music for the past decade in one way or another.With one hand in the retrograde prog mastery of the 1970′s and the other deeply rooted in multi-dimensional aspects of death and black metal, and with their third; mutated & anatomically incorrect hand, bashing through your bong and scraping the resin from your severely under-used brain. Endlessly, they strive to create some of the heaviest and refreshingly interesting music that the human mind can handle. Come out to one of their shows and see for yourself.




Greenwall is a project led by roman musician and composer Andrea Pavoni. He issues in 1999, under the Mellow Records label, Il Petalo del fiore e altre storie with the pseudonym Greenwall. The CD features recordings coming from the years 1989-90 and new material which was recorded years later.

In 1999-2000 many musicians come in touch with the project and a real band take shape. In those years a new album “From the treasure box”, is being prepared, and it will be issued farther in 2005.

Many are the changes in the line-up. The group in 2012 is formed by: Michela Botti (vocals), Fabio Ciliberti (bass and acoustic guitar), Alfredo De Donno (keyboards & backing vocals), Andrea Pavoni (keyboards & backing vocals). Some other musicians collaborate permanently with the group: Umberto Spiniello and Vito Sardo (drums), Claudio Ricci (guitars), Doriano Roccon (double bass, backing vocals), Dahl Ah Lee (violin) and Alessandro Tomei (saxophones and flute).

The group issued 3 studio albums, 1 DVD and 7 collections. The group collaborated also with some important musicians in the italian scene: Pier Paolo
Ferroni (drums), Pier Paolo Ranieri (bass), Stefano Marazzi (drummer and former member in 2004-2005), Andrea Scala (drums), Giuseppe Brancato (vocals, from the band “Fiaba”), Andrea Moneta (drums, from the band “Leviathan”), Sophia Baccini (vocals, from the band “Presence”). The well-known illustrator Serena Riglietti (who illustrated the italian edition of the “Harry Potter” saga) created original artwork for the last two records of the band.

In 2012 a new live show called “Greenwall’s Dark Side” was realized,. This is a show which embraces together music, dance and theater, coming from a new version of Pink Foyd’s classic “The Dark Side of the Moon”, which has been completely re-arranged and fitted with a story inspired by the original lyrics.

In 2013 will be issued the fourth studio album, called “ZAPPA ZIPPA ZUPPA ZEPPA!”.