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Descent Into Maelstrom

DESCENT INTO MAELSTROM Define Dodecaphonic Metal with “Iconoclasm”

Today, in a time that a great number of bands prefer to not try to create something new, there are some courageous ones that don’t stay in the same way of the others, but try to be different, and to expand limits. The Italian five-piece DESCENT INTO MAELSTROM is here to defy your musical conceptions and to spread chaos with “Iconoclasm”. We can label their work as easy as it seems. In mere words, we can say that it’s like all creative power of Death/Black Metal masters of BEHEMOTH became more Progressive and dissonant. The broken tempos and instrumental tunes defy the conceptions of many. The more you hear the album, the more you have the clear idea that this trio is up to create their own Metal way.


The sound quality of “Iconoclasm” is made of contrasts. It sounds heavy and aggressive as their music needs, showing excellent modern and heavy tunes, but with everything sounding comprehensible to our senses. To make this with this band is not an easy task.

And let me tell you: the Apocalypse has just begun! The brutal and technical “Saturn” (very good rhythmic changes), the oppressive “The Grim” with its bitter slow parts, the aggressive charm of “Shade of the Night” (great dissonant guitars), the weird musical atmosphere that permeates “Forgotten Wisdom”, the darkened harmonies of “The Misanthrope”, and the chaotic nightmare of broken tempos and changes of “The Portal of the Elsewhere” (very good guttural grunts with harsh screams) are their best shots, besides the entire album is very good.

“Iconoclasm” is a great album, and maybe it’s bringing a new era in Metal.