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Album Review: Infirmum – Walls of Sorrow

Given the absolute wealth of creativity within heavy music, particularly in Finland, in today’s climate, to stand out from an increasingly overcrowded market is a difficult task indeed. Not only can you bare similarities to your fellow countrymen, for a band to truly make a splash, you better have some tricks up your sleeve. Enter Infirmum who look set to make waves with their debut full-length effort, “Walls of Sorrow.”

Walls of Sorrow

Expanding on the promise shown with 2018’s self-titled EP, “Walls of Sorrow” showcases post and progressive tendencies fusing with the colossal weight of doom metal to create a listening experience that will leave you breathless. Walking a tight rope between delicate lines of melody to passages of dense heaviness that could level a building, “Walls of Sorrow” is as complex as it is rich in substance. This is best evidenced on the opening “To Darkness” which sees the band’s fusion of melodic-leaning riffs and soaring cleans, which benefits from a sparkling production job, collide head-on with monstrous doom-driven tones and relentless vocal roars that demonstrate the dualism within their soundscape.

There are moments across the record however whereby Infirmum lean more into heavier territory, showcasing the firepower within their arsenal. “Shadows of the Past” is the musical equivalent of a collapsing neutron star as dense riffing and guttural snarls entice your attention through their sheer apocalyptic weight whilst “Autumn Breeze” boasts some of the best riffs on the record, as the hooks and grooves easily cement themselves into your mind. When the band up the ante, the result is monstrous, showcasing that they are indeed a force to be reckoned with. On the flip side, Infirmum lovingly embrace the melodic aspects to their sonic DNA and it is these blissful segments that make for some of the highlights on the record.

“Walls of Sorrow” sees Infirmum bloom into the band they were born to be. Emotionally evocative yet absolutely monolithic in heaviness, this is an album demonstrating a band owning their craft and the result is simply spectacular. This is a record that was built to be enjoyed in its entirety and it is phenomenal listening experience. Strap yourself in, it’s quite the journey.