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Progstravaganza Questionnaire: MotherSloth

Madrid-based stoner rock purveyors MotherSloth have been around since 2008. They released their debut EP titled Hazy Blur of Life in 2013, and this year sees the release of their full-length Moribund Star.

MotherSloth have recently appeared on Progstravaganza XVIII: Transforma. Read the Progstravaganza Questionnaire with the band below.

How did you come to do what you do?

Oscar (drums): I had played the drums in several metal bands in my hometown (Lima, Peru) when I decided to move to Spain, and in Madrid I met Alvaro in 2008. Together we started shaping the band’s sound, writing songs and eventually found the rest of  the members of the band. It wasn’t easy to find good musicians with similar interests and tastes in our town.

Álvaro (lead guitar): Working with your head and giving your soul at each beat. Our philosofy is clear, the mind dictates the music, and your head dictates the work.

Dani (rhythm guitar): After living in Berlin for two years I got even more interested in stoner rock, and I was friends with MotherSloth already with my previous bands. Being part of MotherSloth had to happen, I declare myself a fan of the band.

What is your first musical memory?

Álvaro: “Pedro y el lobo” by Sergui Prokifiev and Andalusian and Extremarura’s folk.

Dani: Playing the piano as a child, and from there… my first portable CD player and wanting to go full throttle at home with the stereo and some Chuck Berry.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Oscar: Sci-fi, terror films, books, global issues.

Álvaro: From the deepest feelings that we have. We belong to a generation with sadness in the eye and a soul destined to ostracism.

Dani: As I said, I’m a fan of the band. Being in it gives me a lot of inspiration, and I coincide with many of my bandmates musical interests.

What message does the song on our Progstravaganza compilation carry?

Álvaro: This song refers to a metaphor about the human being, in form of a death flower. It’s born, it grows up from darkness and blooms the prettiest flower of all, as well as the most lethal one as everything around it starts dying.

Oscar: The song Death Flower, more than a message, is a symbol, one of beauty and perfection, which is created to confuse and trap all the living beings that approach or come close to it.

Do you tend to follow any pre-defined patterns when composing a piece?

Oscar: Not really. We have learned to let our music flow and let it carry us. Perhaps in the first songs we wrote, we followed some kind of pattern, but now the process has become a bit more open. Sometimes we add or arrange song parts when we record them, that is, the very last stage!

Dani: Music has to flow… I don’t use predefined patterns. If the music sounds good to us, it will go forward. If not… To the pit with it! [laughs]



What is your method of songwriting?

Oscar: We start talking about a topic and then we work around that. It can also be an experience or situation lived, even a dream. Sometimes we have a word to start, brainstorm and then we add music parts or riffs. Then we find the right sounds and work in the details and arrangements. Some other times one of us has some parts and bring them to our practice space so we can work on them. Some songs we have have been born after a jam in our practice place. So we don’t have a fixed method.

Álvaro: MS has precisely established that there is no pattern to follow. We like to experiment, we consider our music like an extension of our souls, therefore, we don’t have any borders. If not, MotherSloth wouldn’t be possible.

How do you see your music evolving?

Dani: I haven’t been in the band for long, but there is a huge repertoire waiting to be recorded and published. And it will happen, starting with our new LP “Moribund Star”.

Álvaro: I see that we evolve in different directions every time we write a song, and those paths start and finish within each piece. These paths open our minds to reach what our soul and head says.

What advice would you give to other musicians, trying to make inspired music and get it out in the world?

Stop talking, start playing!

Álvaro: My greatest advice is that music, like any art or profession, is hard work. Not only when writing, but when analyzing other art, the perception of sound, the evolution of music. It’s all work, and it all builds up towards our compositions.

What are you looking forward to?

Oscar: Playing out of our town, country or region and take our music everywhere. We also expect to record more songs later this year, we have lots of ideas and songs we’d like to give life to.





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Mothersloth is a Madrid-based band, started in 2008. Original members were Oscar on drums, Alvaro – guitars, Rafael – vocals, and Jackie – guitars.

They recorded some demos in their rehearsal space to send to a festival, and later on edited these recordings with the title Death Flowers ( 2009).

Then Rafael left, and the band started writing songs in a different direction, perhaps a wider approach, some of them have remained instrumental, such as Holy Wall and Death Flower.

With Rolando F on vocals, Gerald on bass the band started playing around the Madrid venues. The debut show was on 14 April 2011 opening for La Dolorosa.

They played with some other bands such as Cherry But No Cake (UK), Pura Muerte, Craneon, Teething, Dawn To Dusk, Orthodox, until the beginning of 2012. Right before getting into the studio to do some good quality recordings, they decided to replace the singer, and called Fernando Polvaredo from local band Fungus to do the job.

They called this collection Hazy Blur Of Life, consisting of four songs, namely Pile Of Fortune, Goliath, MotherSloth and Supersun. It was edited in 2013 by Dooom Records, a small label in Peru.

Soon after the completion of the first EP, the band lost the singer. They then decide to focus in the instrumental songs they had been writing along the years, and started recording the second effort, Moribund Star, consisting of 5 songs .

They got back to two guitars adding Dani on guitars, and found Alex who would be the new singer and bass player.

In the band’s sound you can find several influences,70′s inspired sounds combined with heavy guitar riffs and open chords, in order to give each song the sound they need.

First band EP, released December 2012 via bandcamp.