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Interview: Daniel Brönnimann of ORYMUS

Orymus from Switzerland released their second album “Miracles” in March. Singer Daniel Brönnimann talked with us about it.

Orymus released their second album recently. Are you satisfied how “Miracles” turned out?

What kind of musician would I be to answer “no” to this question? Let’s put it that way: I was unbelievably satisfied during the writing process because I felt that the songs are going to be kick ass. I was also totally satisfied during the recordings ‘cause our producer Yann Rouiller (NAZARETH, CORE 22) pushed us to the limits and massively influenced the great sound you will hear on MIRACLES. I was more than satisfied when I had the first CD in my hand – the artwork, the sound, the concept, everything just wonderfully fits together. And if I am still satisfied now, I have no idea – I haven’t listened to MIRACLES since many months. But we did a great job on this record, I am more than proud on it.


How did the songwriting process for “Miracles” go?

Actually the same as for our first full-length studio album ESCAPE TO REALITY back in 2013. At first, we clearly defined the body of the album – decided which kind of expression or atmosphere each specific song should transmit. This is exactly the reason why we are releasing full albums and not EPs or singles. Our sound is an experience, which should not be judged upon one song but only as a whole. It needs background, embedding. And well, afterwards I spent many days and weeks writing up these songs, presented them to the band, we practiced them “live” – eventually even performed some of them to test the audience’s reaction – and then recorded it.

What were the hardest moments during the creative and production process of “Miracles”?

As far as I remember, everything went quite smoothly. Orymus is a really good team – we rarely have any problems and we’re all on kind of the same wavelength. We’re good friends since more than 10 years and I think that this is the recipe of our music. The hardest moment for me is always after the album is released. For the audience, all the songs are new and totally thrilling. In contrast, the band has just spent their last 1.5 years on these 10 songs. Probably that’s also one of the reasons why I immediately started writing new songs after releasing Miracles – I am constantly looking for more.


How would you describe the sound of this album?

The sound is vivid, raw but at the same time perfected. There are 10 songs on the album and probably 10 different sounds but still the whole album leaves behind a unified impression. That’s one of the reasons why MIRACLES is not getting boring – there’s a lot of inspiration in it and a lot of things to explore for the listener. This time, we played with large choirs to create epic moments. Let’s see what we’ll come up with in the next album – I already got some good ideas! ;-)

What are drawbacks and benefits of self-releasing an album?

By self-releasing, one is his own master. We were able to design our albums exactly as we wanted them. There is no one taking influence and no top-down decisions against the band. Drawbacks are the visibility and the money… what else! The real question in our digital world is whether it’s actually worth to release full-length albums or rather stick to singles or small EPs. But as I said, the sound of Orymus needs a lot of space, which only an album can offer.

“Miracles” is a fresh release, but are you working on anything new already?

Hell yes! As I said, I am constantly hungry for more. Once an album is finished, I would immediately start thinking about the next steps. I am afraid, I cannot lose any details but after ESCAPE TO REALITY and MIRACLES, this will be the 3rd pillar of world domination. Thanks for the interview!

“Miracles” is out now and available from Bandcamp. Like Orymus on Facebook here.