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Persona Grata

Persona Grata is a progressive rock group formed in Bratislava, Slovakia. The band, known for their signature sound and original material, is bringing a new quality to the Progrock Genre. Influenced by groups such as Yes, Dream Theater and contemporary Muse, the band has developed a sound focused on melody and complex rhythms, which has evolved from the above inspirations.

The band was formed in 1999 and since that time it went through various stages; members were changing, technology was changing and most of all the musical taste of band members was evolving in different directions.

Persona Grata started to work on the debut album Reaching Places High Above couple of years ago.

Once the whole concept was finished, the band was constantly rethinking arrangements, adding and removing layers, minimizing and expanding different parts until finally a demo version was finished from a production standpoint. Professional mix and master gave a final touch to the current sound of the album, which was officially released in August 2013.