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The Story of Progstravaganza: Fughu

Watch “The Story of Progstravaganza” Mini-Documentary Featuring FUGHU

Prog Sphere teamed up with Argentine progressive metal purveyors Fughu for a mini documentary discussing about progressive scene today, its future, bands and Progstravaganza. Watch the video below.

We have recently announced the first Progstravaganza CD edition, that will include many great features. First of all, besides the sampler in digipack, this compilation will include a printed version of the Progstravaganza magazine filled with interviews, reviews, specials, commentaries, and more. The smiler will be distributed through mail-order stores, labels and distributors all over the world. One of the bands off the sampler will get an opportunity to release an album through Prog Sphere. The selection of the band will be managed through a public poll, and the band that wins most votes will be the winner. Also, all bands-participants of the sampler will be promoted through Prog Sphere Promotions for the period of six months.

Artists interested in taking part on the physical edition of Progstravaganza compilation can e-mail Prog Sphere at info@prog-sphere.com

Progstravaganza XVIII: Transforma

Progstravaganza XVIII: Transforma Out Now

Prog Sphere’s Progstravaganza progressive rock compilation series has reached its eighteenth edition with the release of the brand new sampler titled Transforma.

Transforma brings seventeen songs, building another varied sampler of the world’s underground progressive music. Check out great tunes from Jason Rubenstein, Ethereal Riffian, Killcode and fourteen other artists, download the sampler and make sure to share it with your friends.

In the meantime, Prog Sphere is open for the music submissions for the  next Progstravaganza compilation which will be released later this month. Artists interested in submitting their music can contact Prog Sphere at the well-known e-mail address: info@prog-sphere.com



Merry Progmas, everyone!

Along with the holiday spirit we present to you the brand new Progstravaganza XV compilation titled “Ascension”, hoping to make your holiday season a little bit more prog.

This sampler is comprised of 33 songs in total, showcasing artists all the way from UK down to India to South Africa. That pretty much says everything about our determination to showcase bands from absolutely every corner of the world.

The great cover art of the sampler was once again designed by Linden Artwork, check their website and ask for assistance if you are in need of the album art, poster or any form of graphic design. The compilation also includes PDF artwork with all the participants presented visually.

Make sure to visit the website on a regular basis as we will be bringing new features in the coming days. We are already open for submissions for the next part of the compilation series, so if you create music or know someone who does and who might be interested in taking part on our sampler, contact us at info@prog-sphere.com

Have a great holiday season and Happy New Year!

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Using a method entirely of their own conception, Oneironaut takes bits and pieces of musical histories past to create a new sound that is best described as a complex type of loop-centric rhythm based ambient music. “Occult Fascination” has a plethora of instruments used, from electric guitars to 4-string Irish tenor banjo and also includes a wide range of genre influenced riffs, from Progressive and Death Metal to Jazz, Bluegrass, Funk, and Folk; illustrating Oneironaut’s unique playing style and exceptional musicianship.


The Fierce and the Dead

The Fierce and the Dead

The Fierce And The Dead was originally born out of sonic experimentation when making Matt’s second solo album, Ghost, and they’ve developed into one of the most original bands in the UK rock scene. Their unique brand of instrumental rock music, fusing rock, post-rock, punk and progressive elements, has made a huge impression through one full-length album and two Eps, as have their incendiary live performances, most recently as part of the Stabbing A Dead Horse tour of the UK with Knifeworld and Trojan Horse. Continue reading



Shineback the highly anticipated new project from Tinyfish frontman Simon Godfrey. Following on from Tinyfish’s 2010 album The Big Red Spark, the project explores elements of cinematic music, electronica and rock which seeks to exemplify the true nature of what it means to be a progressive musician in the 21st century. Continue reading



My musical life began way back as an eight-year-old who fell in love with the guitar after hearing the music from bands like The Shadows etc. As a teen my guitar playing evolved listening to first of all, The Beatles, then Jimi Hendrix, The Cream, and many many others. Post high school I was interested in many other forms; Blues, Progressive Rock, Classical, Jazz and all new music created as a result of these styles colliding. But to get famous was and is an utopia. But I love music, so I can’t help myself for being addicted!

I became a graphic designer and still working with the Mac for more than a decade. As a long-time (bass)guitarist I also like to write and play blues-based rock, progressive rock and make videoclips. I’m also a synthesizer aficionado. In a nutshell; when ELP and Wendy Carlos with the MOOG Synthesizer came along I wanted to play keyboards as well. In 1969, with (school)friends, I founded Bluesgroup Crusade which later on in 1971 became Progressive Rockgroup Crusade. We split up in 1974 and my fellow musicians start playing in famous dutchgroups like; Cuby & The Blizzards, Livin’ Blues, Finch and later on in The Urn, Ayreon etc. In 1980 Due to my growing interest in the facets of production, engineering, arranging and composing I started in a spare bedroom my own studio as a side business for graphics, photography and writing commercial music for audio visual media.

In 1985 I recorded with the help of musical friends my first soloproject ‘DIFFERENT PLACES, DIFFERENT FACES’, still available on iTunes and many other internet stores. The follow up ‘Trains, Plains and Automoblies’ never saw the daylight but will be finished someday.

In 1990 the original blues line-up started up again and was renamed ‘Bluesgroup Crusade+Friends’. In 2000 I left Crusade to join the Precious Time Project. After a silent period for about 25 years three members of Precious Time, John Geel, John Havermans and Reno de Bruin starts to reunite in 2000. My good old friend John Havermans (keyboards) asked me to participate in playing and recording to capture and revive their typical seventies sound. We released the first album ‘DID I EVER TELL YOU’ in 2003. In 2005 Precious Time released their second album ‘IF THE GODS KNEW’.



Dead End Space



Relinquished started in the year 2004 as a project of Sebastian Bramböck (Bass) and Anton Keuschnick (Guitar). After some months of arranging Martin Bramböck joined the Band and played the drums for 2 years. In this time, a second guitar-player named Simon Dettendorfer became member of the band and added different ideas that perfectly fitted in the sound.

Even though the former sound varied a lot to what kind of music they are making nowadays. It was a lot more Core-based and had more simple structures, then the latest work of them. Main Reason is the drummer of this period, Ivan Prosenic. Sadly there isn´t any record of the music of that time…

Four years and several Bass players later Relinquished finally found the perfect members. Sebastian the former Bass-player became the new and final singer of the band, and an old schoolmate of him, Patrick Kösselbacher took the bass-part. Also on the drums another new member was found: Florian Vonach. This constellation of musicians grew a complete new sound arrangement in short time and recorded the Demo EP “Rehearsal Doom” – as an allusion for their still remaining roots in Doom Metal.

With the CD the band started to get more and more offers to play all over Austria and some foreign cities as well. After collecting a huge amount of live experience, they settled a bit down and began the work for their first Long-player.
In that time Relinquished got signed by Noisehead Records, and recorded “Susanna Lies In Ashes”, their first Concept-Album and debut at the same time.

After the release many critics saw the potential in their music and for that reason Relinquished released a Music video for the Song “Padded Cell”. The Video brought them even more attention and nowadays, they have a well known status in the Austrian Metal Scene.

In 2011 Bassist Patrick Kösselbacher left the band and was substituted by Dominik Steffan (Former INZEST member) and with him they recorded their 2nd Studio-album“Onward Anguishes” and also 2nd Chapter of their Storyline.
Just a few weeks before the new album was released Relinquished made another Music Video for “In Ashes” to demonstrate the connection of the two records.

This step made clear that the Story of “Susanna Lies In Ashes” isn´t told fully, and there are going to be much more angles of the whole concept, and that this Story will be the main Discography. The whole music was seen different after that. It showed people that all the varied genres influencing the sound weren’t just about being Progressive, the interest of the band was creating the most perfectly fitting atmosphere for each scenario, which made the idea of this concept once more a lot deeper then on first sight.



One Second Hotel

One Second Hotel is a European progressive metal / ambient / electronic project from Slovakia, which was founded several years ago by young guitar player and diverse songwriter Jakub Tirco and their current bass player Dusan Labuda. Yet it wasn’t until 2011 that their occasional weekend jam sessions started becoming a full-time band.

Over the years of jamming, the band started rehearsing with talented drummer Jano Huljak, which almost immediately led to the search of their fourth and final member, the voice of One Second Hotel, Mayo Petranin.

In fall 2012 they came up with a name for their project and initialized the recording process of what would later become band’s self-titled debut EP. For the first time, in spring 2013, they publicly appeared as attendants of Slovak version of Wacken Metal Battle where they eventually reached 2nd place.

On August 12, 2013 the band unofficially released their long-awaited four-track debut, titled One Second Hotel EP, via their website for free. The band also began working on visuals and rehearses a wide variety of new materials for their upcoming shows later in the year.

A full-length album is planned to be released in 2014.