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R-Evolution Band on Progstravaganza compilation

R-Evolution Band

R-EVOLUTION BAND born in 2010 from an idea of the multi-instrumentalist and composer Vittorio Sabelli. The main target of the band is to destroy pre-existing styles and completely change them by a new approach using different sounds and contemporary elements (this is the meaning of the name R-E Revolution/Evolution Band). In 2011 the band records the first album “Versus” produced by Wide Sound. Then it took part to several Festival and made concerts in many Club.

The new project “The Dark Side Of The Wall 1979-2013” is not an emulation or just a cover of the original one, but it completely downs and builds up again the Pink Floyd masterpiece THE WALL, for the first time since 1979.

This album shows how much the musicians can continuously move between different styles and adapt smoothly to several contests and sounds always keeping their minds open at 360 degrees.