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Zombie Strippers from Hell

Review: Zombie Strippers from Hell – Tales from the Other Side

This Polish duo fuse heavy metal with raw hardcore punk and occasionally thrash, and they do it with deliciously seductive genius. This debut full-length is just over 48 minutes long but it’s intense, unpretentiously creative and relentlessly rhythmic.

Tales from the Other Side

Zombie Strippers from Hell have synthesised their style to perfection, riddled with excellent melodies, fuzzy guitar lines, deep groove and hooky riffs. Dracula is immense with an ominous build-up and tumbling old-school death metal. Hellraiser is classically heavy metal and Trapped Under Ice encapsulates all that this band do best with grizzly guitars and gigantic riffs. Meanwhile, Lovesong dials up the melodic metal and hardcore vocals with an enticing singalong. Closing Hatchet is the real masterpiece, though. It’s fast, dense, heavy, criminally hook-laden, and utterly captivating.

Zombie Strippers from Hell are carving out a hybrid genre all of their own.