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Tucana on Progstravaganza compilation


It would not be a lie to say that we started back in late 1980’s, at that time Jonas Nitz (Keyboards) and Niklas Birgersson (Vocals) began together under the name of Tucana.

By 1989 Jonas had left the band and Mikael Larsson (Guitar) and Johnny Rosengren  (Bass) along with some other members had joined under the name of Wistaria. A few demos were made and a couple of shows, but in mid 1991 Johnny left the band and after  the band disbanded in1992, Mikael and Niklas continued their musical companionship  together.

Though our goal was to get a record deal, we never actively searched for it. In 2008 all of  that changed when Johnny contacted Mikael about a totally different matter but was  interested in what Mikael and Niklas were doing at the time. In the meantime, Johnny  had started his own independent record label in The Netherlands called Art Performance  Production. Mikael played a song for Johnny and the deal was done. Mikael then decided  that if there was going to be an album, Johnny would have to play the bass in the band,  which Johnny gratefully accepted.

To help reconstruction the songs and to write new material, Jonas was contacted and  accepted the position as the new Keyboard player.

For the next years the trio Niklas, Mikael and Jonas; strongly influenced by classical  music and hard rock references, started writing the material for the coming album while  searching for a drummer who was ready for the task. After some testing of different
drummers, Niklas, by coincidence, put in an ad in the “Selling Drum kit” section on an Internet sell and buy site that a drummer was needed, Jari Katila contacted the band and did a tryout and as a result; he is now our drummer.

Through the recording, which took place at Jonas home studio with him recording it, we  had to take a pause when Mikael first fell in the slippery snowy Swedish winter weather,  giving him a concussion (although, we would like to say that he was in the studio  recording a guitar solo and fell with the back of his head onto the distortion pedal) and  shortly after that, Mikael also suffered a “Frozen shoulder syndrome” which took almost  6 months to heal. During the time some of the vocals was redone because it lacked the power that was needed and the guitar was redone a couple of times before we finally got  it right.

At the end of spring 2012 the recording was delivered to Over the Hill Production and  Mixer man Mikael Lundin, who had previously worked with other mixing/productions  for Johnny’s company, Johnny and Mr. Lundin mixed and produced the album together.

The reviews of the album has been very positive and we are now looking forward to take  our music out on the road while the writing trio (Mikael, Niklas and Jonas) continues to  write new songs for the follow up.

After the release we got many questions if there where any demos or recordings from the  early years and if we would consider releasing them, though when going through the  demos we found that time has not been very friendly with the recordings, they lack  enough good sound and would need considerate cleaning and enhancement to be able to even get close to anything that would be considered a good recording for a release, as a  result; we decided to start re recording 10-12 old songs from 1986-2007 which by any  luck will be released in 2014.