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Review: Vederkast – Northern Gothic

So here we come to one of the best debut albums of 2015. Vederkast from Tromso in Norway delivered an outstanding full-length debut with “Northern Gothic.” Such a great release doesn’t come without experience, and the band members confirmed that they have been part of stylistically different bands and projects over the years. Having said that, “Northern Gothic” feels indeed as a release that borrows from many different styles which together form a powerful entity.

The album is comprised of nine songs in total, which successfully blend together melodic and heavy. “Skirmish” sets the album on track with heavy hitting of drummer Magnus Tornensis and grandiose singing of Paul-Rene Aronson, who also handles bass duties.

Vederkast - Northern Gothic

There is some really lush, melodic fare on display here, such as the swinging “Malison,” complete with layers of alluring guitars of Finn Fodstad and Sindre Bakland, and clean vocals, while always impressive rhythm section of Aronson and Tornensis drive the more aggressive pieces “Into The Unknown” and “Forget Me Not.” Each one of these pieces mesh nimble progressive metal with hard and stoner rock, and the interplay between these four musicians is astonishing.

Northern Gothic” is at times aggressive, at times melodic, but where the band really shines is the mixture of the two with addition of atmospheric and poignant arrangements, giving the album variety and allowing each song on the record to expand fully. For an album that brings a listener to their world, this is an excellent career opener.

Northern Gothic” is available from Bandcamp. Follow Vederkast on Facebook for future updates.