The Analogue


The Analogue was created by Music student Marc Ciufo Green as part of his Major Project at university (the project has now been awarded a first). Now 21 years old, Marc has been playing the piano from the age of 7, and is an accomplished composer and multi-instrumentalist.

The concept of The Analogue started with a very simple idea: what if a person awakened one day in a world with nobody else, and no memory? Thus The Analogue was born. The title character was conceived as an analogue for humanity, hence his name. The music on the record follows The Analogue in his travels following his awakening, whilst offering few clues about his origin and nature. Through the story, the piece explores ideas surrounding energy, from its deadly use in weapons to renewable power and it’s ultimate role in the life and death of the universe.

The Analogue was initially presented as a ‘Sound and Vision live experience’ with a live band and accompanying photographic projection. The Analogue band are planning more live shows from September.

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